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Burgers' Signature Sauced Boneless Pork Burnt Ends
One bite calls for another… It’s like eating ribs with a fork. No bones, no mess, just hickory smoked goodness. Hand seasoned pork butts are carefully cooked, smoked, and diced. A touch of KC style sauce and the flavor is unmatched. Burgers’ exclusive Homemade in a Hurry!® tray means you’re just minutes from enjoying.
Burgers' Signature Sauced Pulled Pork Trays
A true Southern delicacy you can fix in just minutes, thanks to Burgers’ Homemade in a Hurry!® microwave tray. Whole lean pork butts are rubbed with a perfect blend of spices, slowly cooked and smoked with natural hickory. The tender, juicy pork is pulled while still hot and immediately combined with special sauce blend to allow the flavor to absorb throughout the meat. The finest you’ll ever eat!
Applewood Smoked Pork Chops
Burgers’ Smokemaster takes special care of each batch. Applewood adds a sweet, smoky note. Chops are thick cut, 8 oz. each – that’s half a pound! Juicy, tender, fully cooked chops are ready to heat and eat in minutes. Vacuum sealed 2 per package.
Traditional Pork Roast
A wonderful, old-fashioned dinner is at your fingertips with our can't-miss pork roast. Fresh, boneless Boston Butt Pork Roast is seasoned with our own unique blend of salts and spices, and the roast is placed in a cooking bag to lock in all the natural juices. Well-marbled roasts are tender, moist and the juices make an excellent Au Jus, included. It’s an easy, fully cooked, heat ’n serve entree that’s perfect every time. Net wt. approx. 4 lbs.
Bacon Steak Sampler
Burgers’ “Original” recipe dry cure bacon dates back decades and has won many awards. Bacon Steaks are cut a full ¼” thick, which results in a “chewy crisp” texture. These hearty slices can be baked or skillet fried, but for a totally different bacon experience, they can be grilled on charcoal or gas grills. Now you can try all four flavors in one convenient sampler. Also makes a great gift for the bacon addict on your list.
The Bacon Wrapped Sampler
With the sampler pack you get both beef and chicken, wrapped in premium bacon to give added flavor and moistness. For outdoor grilling or under the broiler. Just thaw and cook. Complimentary steak seasoning included.
Oven Ready Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Filets
Tender, grill and oven ready chicken breasts have been basted to make them moist on the inside and rubbed with a mixture of country sorghum, brown sugar and pure clover honey to make them sweet on the outside. They are wrapped with Burgers’ Original Country Bacon to keep them moist during cooking and are shipped to you ready for your oven or your barbecue grill. Packed two breasts per package.
Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Steak
Start with the best cut in the world, add expertly controlled aging, individually hand trim, and the end result is a full flavored, juicy Sirloin Steak. Premium bacon adds to the already delicious flavor. Complimentary steak seasoning is included. Packed one steak per package.
Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon
We wrap each magnificent filet in lean, smoked bacon for the most flavorful, tender filet imaginable. Each filet mignon is hand trimmed with Burgers exclusive “Butcher’s Pride Trim.” You’ll receive only the the best cut of beef and the best trim available. Filets are individually packaged and flash frozen to maintain their freshness. These bacon wrapped filets are sure to be a hit with your family and friends or as a gift for someone special. Complimentary steak seasoning included.
Smokehouse Steakburgers
What makes these burgers so much better? They are ground from select steak trimmings. Shipped frozen. Can be fried, broiled, or grilled. Complimentary steakburger seasoning is included. Packed two 5 oz. patties per package.
Rib Eye Steaks
$69.99 - $99.99
Burgers carves these hearty 8 oz. boneless steaks from the eye of the best, aged prime rib beef. Those in the know appreciate their traditional, robust flavor. They make great family steaks because they are economically priced. Packed one to each package. Complimentary steak seasoning included.
Beef Strip Steaks
$79.99 - $109.99
The strip loin is second only to filet mignon in tenderness, and many people prefer its flavor. These strip loin beef steaks are choice cuts from corn-fed cattle. These boneless steaks have been aged 28 days and then flash frozen to preserve their goodness and flavor. This is some of the finest beef steak eating you will encounter. Complimentary steak seasoning included. Packed one steak per package.
Filet Mignon
Hand trimmed with Burgers exclusive “Butcher’s Pride Trim”, these filets are the best cut of beef and the best trim available. Filets are individually packaged and flash frozen to maintain their freshness. These fork tender filets are sure to be a hit with your family and friends or as a gift for someone special. Complimentary steak seasoning included.
T-bone Steaks
The T-Bone is the favorite of many steak lovers. These T-Bones have been carefully aged to their peak flavor and tenderness. Then they are cut into approximately one-inch thick steaks and trimmed. The result: tasty steaks you will love. Complimentary steak seasoning is included.
Butcher's Pride Steak Assortment
Give a gift that really shows off your good taste. Or treat yourself to the highest quality available. These Steak Assortments are selected from Burgers’ most popular cuts. Each is properly aged, hand trimmed,vacuum packaged and flash frozen. Enjoy the finest “Steakhouse” quality right in your own home. Complimentary steak seasoning included. Packed one steak per package.
Cooked Beef Brisket
Brisket is one of the tastiest cuts of beef, but takes patience and skill to prepare. Don’t worry, the work has all been done for you. Burgers starts with “flats,” the leanest part of the brisket, and adds just a hint of seasoning. The special cooking bag captures all the natural juices. All you have to do is heat and serve... in the same bag. It will taste like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen.
Beef Wellington Entrees
Burgers starts with the finest lean aged beef tenderloin hand wrapped in flakey crust full of baby Portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic, Marsala wine, liver pate, chives, and other spices. Each elegant mouth watering entree is a generous 7½ oz. It is an easy addition to your dinner.
Speciality Cheese Choices
New cheese varieties are fun to try and offer a delightful new taste at every turn! Hickory Barrel Cheddar with a hint of black pepper and paprika, Apple Harvest with real apple chunks in the cheddar, Triple Pepper Golden Jack™ has Jalapeno, Habanero, and Chipotle flavors in one cheese. Discover aged Cheddar with the wonderful taste of Dill, Cheddar laced with Strawberries and Chardonnay, Colby with Spanish Olive and Pimento, or Buffalo Wing Cheese, created from aged cheddars blended with jalapeño, cayenne peppers, and Original Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce.
Smoked Provolone Cheese
This smoked provolone won the World Cheese Championship in its class... and we know why! This delicious cheese combines two wonderful flavors, delicately sweet provolone and natural hickory smoke. The outcome is marvelous! Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.
Smokehouse Beef Sticks & More
Our seasoned smoked meat sticks are made in the best smokehouse tradition – just the way you like ’em. Beef Sticks are moist and flavorful. Pepperoni is deliciously spiced, and Hot & Spicy adds a little extra zip! Honey Ham is sweet and savory, and our new Barbecue adds sweet and saucy flavor. In a box for snacking convenience. 15 oz. each.
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