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Gluten Free Drizzled Lemon Cookies
These soft, mouthwatering cookies are a luscious combination of lemon and vanilla flavors. A wonderful, fresh-flavored treat, and a gift that the lemon lover will savor. Net wt. 6 oz.
Gluten Free Gourmet Chocolate Cookies
If you’re looking for delicious gluten free cookies, these chocolaty treats delight gluten free snackers and everyone else, too. Fancy Vanilla Cookies are crisp and yummy with chocolate filling and drizzles. Net wt. 6 oz.
Gluten Free Raspberry Linzer
Two melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cookies come together to sandwich delicious raspberry jam. A sweet powdered sugar sprinkling adds the perfect finishing touch. Serve for dessert, brunch, sweet satisfaction any time! Net wt. 6 oz.
Gluten Free Black & White Dipped Cookies
Gourmet style Black & White Cookies are dipped – half chocolate and half white créme over a crispy base. They look – and taste – like a million bucks, fabulous for gatherings and gifting. Net wt. 6 oz.

Enjoy Delicious Gluten-Free Snacks and Gifts

If you're looking for delicious baked goods and gifts that are gluten-free, shop Figi's collection today! Give these gourmet gluten-free gifts to friends and family with dietary restrictions or indulge yourself with some tasty gluten-free baked goods. Order yummy gluten-free gourmet chocolate cookies online for easy delivery.

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