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Since 1944, Figi's has delivered the finest quality gifts to discerning customers across America. From the beginning, we were determined to deliver satisfaction to every home. You'll discover that same determination to please you in everything we do.

Browse our collection and you'll find the best of the Heartland, delicious dairy cheeses, fabulous smokehouse meats - and just wait until you taste our House Recipe Cheese Spreads made from quality grade cheese! We specialize in exquisite holiday fare, so of course you'll find the best in bakery, chocolates, nuts, sweets and snacks. Plus, we offer special gift assortments, collectible treasures, exclusive and personalized items.

Now, Figi's® Gallery will make your life easier with great values and fun and functional items for you, your home, and your friends and family. You will find Figi's Gallery is easy to shop and offers home decor, bedding, housewares, jewelry, garden accents, apparel, collectibles, gifts, and more.

Whatever the occasion, Figi's has the perfect gift - and it's just a click or a phone call away!
We'll package it carefully and send it out to arrive in perfect time, anywhere in the USA!

Fine Family of House Recipe Cheese Spreads

Created in our own kitchens from Wisconsin's best Dairy Cheeses, you'll love the indulgent taste of our quality spreads. It all began back in 1959 with our Kave Kure® Cheese Spread - superb, full-bodied taste in the richest cheese spreads you can imagine. Kave Kure® Spread quickly became a taste tradition our customers asked for again and again. Since then we've added other fabulous cheese spread choices - Creamy Country® and Creamy Country® Cheese Dip. Which do you like best?


Little Red Wagon

The Legend

In 1941 a federal cheese inspector named John Figi wanted to make Wisconsin's finest cheese available through the mail. He sent 1,500 postcards peddling his Wisconsin Aged Cheddar and received 43 orders! A great beginning! Just one small setback, John didn't have "wheels" to get his goods to the post office. So he borrowed a red coaster wagon from a friend... and used it to deliver all 43 packages.

That's how it all began. The young entrepreneur and wife, Ann sorted orders, cut 200 one-pound wheels and 70 one-pound blocks of cheese on the kitchen table, sealing it in wax heated on the stove, and penciling in the addresses. Dinner was usually perched atop the finest Colby, Cheddar, or Swiss cheeses packed high in the family refrigerator!

This "can do" attitude is forever commemorated in our Little Red Wagon Ornament Series!

Ornament Series

These collectibles call to mind fond memories of yesteryear. Our resident artist adds to the collection each year with another express delivery design to bring merry wishes to you and yours.


Figi's Philosophy

Our founder had very particular ideas about service and he based every decision on this golden rule:

"Sell good gifts, at good prices with satisfaction guaranteed... no matter what!
Follow this rule and customers will come to you."

Today, we still use John Figi's creed as the yardstick to measure our performance, and our commitment to your satisfaction is undiminished since Figi's beginnings in 1944. (See our Guarantee.) We believe we owe our success to this guiding principle!

Figi's Recipe for Gifts in Good Taste

  • Every gift is sampled and selected because it's a gift we'd be proud to give to our own friends and loved ones.
  • You'll find unique gifts! From special packaging to complementary assortments, exclusive designs and special greetings... we pay attention to details, creating gifts people love to receive!
  • Assembled by hand, our gifts are beautifully arranged, bows tied just so for that personal touch!
  • We check and recheck our packages to ensure their arrival in perfect condition.
  • Friendly people answer our phones in the customer assistance department, helpful people who assist our customers in ordering just the right gifts.
  • If you and those you send gifts to are not completely satisfied, then neither are we. And we'll gladly replace your gift or refund your money. It's that simple.


Heartland Greetings

Welcome to Marshfield, WI. As you walk the main street lined with small shops, you'll find people greet one another with a smile and more often than not, a name. You'll meet friendly, hard-working families who produce the wonderful cheeses, meats and fresh produce Wisconsin is known for. This is the birthplace of Figi's Gifts in Good Taste, and the neighborly, small-town feeling is an inherent part of the way we do business, and of who we are. As we share the good taste of the Heartland with all of America, we extend a warm, helpful hand to you, our customers, for you are an extended part of our community. Welcome home.

Figi's is owned and operated by Mason Companies, Inc.


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