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Extra Wide Talking Scale
The smartest digital scale you’ll find. The large LCD screen displays weight in big, bold numbers while talking to you in a clear voice. Features a memory system for two people, low battery indicator, and touch on/off function. The extra wide platform supports a tempered glass top. Holds up to 550 lbs. 12"x 15". Battery not included.
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Extra Wide Talking Scale
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Extra Wide Scale I absolutely love the scale, I would recommend it to everyone! July 22, 2014
Love It I just love this scale( I would like it better if it would lie and cut 20 lbs off)but it is right on the money and the voice is loud enough so you don't have to bend to hear it March 18, 2014
Very nice expensive look and feel I've had my scale now now for about 3 weeks and its a very nice scale..the accuracy is pretty good..give or take a pound or two depending on if you have cloths,shoes on etc. but overall ita a pretty good scale. The scale aslo reads out loud your weight and thats very good also. The voice is very good not to loud and overbraing either its actually just right.I would recommend this scale very much. November 27, 2012
So nice to step up on, close to floor, and wide step on. Love the talking feature! I am very pleased with these scales. Love them. get on them all the time just because they are there! Easy to step onto and don't feel like a balancing act. And, don't need those pesky glasses in the morning, 'cause it tell you what you don't want to know.Love them, really!! October 19, 2012
the scale is inaccurate The scale has a lovely design. However it comes without a batterries;who expected it to use a nine volt? It talks and after I programmed it to the instructuin manual which is easy to read. I gpt three different readings all off by 74lbs, 64lbs, and72.5lbs. For me the scale is of no use. August 23, 2012
This product is great It is good for people who cannot see well. It is also good for those who have a hard time hearing because it is very loud and clear. Also, it looks great. It decorates as well as serves it purpose. March 17, 2012
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