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Robo Sweeper
Hands-Free Sweeper does the work for you!

Cordless electric floor sweeper does the work for you! The Robo Sweeper features hands free movement and a sensor that changes direction if it runs into furniture or other objects. This handy tool sweeps up debris, pet hair, allergens, and more. Includes two washable microfiber cloths – no messing with disposable pads or paper. Batteries not included.
Robo Sweeper

Great on tile!
Robo Sweeper

Use on wood or laminate floors.
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Robo Sweeper
We regret that this gift is not available.
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Not worth it This item isn't worth getting. It gets stuck up on tiles and gets stuck in corners. I thought it would just suck up the dirt, but it don't they give you clothes to put on the bottom to grab the dirt from the floor which it does, but its not worth the time and money. September 28, 2012
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