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TENS Electronic Pulse Massager
What was once only available through a physical therapist is now yours to use at home. This amazing pulse massager emits high frequency stimulation to help relieve chronic pain in your neck, back, shoulders, limbs, almost anywhere. Features five stimulation programs, eight selectable massage styles, and a 15 minute timer. 8"H. FDA approved. Batteries included.
• High frequency stimulation to relieve pain
• 8 massage styles
• 5 stimulation programs
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TENS Electronic Pulse Massager
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Solved my pain issues when used properly 4 patches mean 4 locations to transmit the pulses or two sites. You can't ask for much more than that. The size of the patch has nothing to do with the pulse size transmitted, that is determined by the option available on the machine. You place the patches about 6-8" apart and transmit the pulse between the patches. The 15 minute length limitation is what is recommended by Health care professional. To do so any longer can cause damage to the muscles involved. Especially if you use the highest pulse rating. That being said, when you follow the directions that come with the machine and use it properly as I have for 3 years now, it more than takes care of your aches and pains from arthritis and other muscle injuries. I severely injured my shoulder in 2008 (torn rotator cuff, broke it, and dislocated it). After extensive recovery it's extremely healthy, however changes in weather reminds of the injury....this is better than any medication out there. I also have osteoarthritis in multiple joints. Again, this relieves the pain better than any over the counter pain med I can buy and most of the prescribed stuff the Dr. tries on me. I don't go anywhere without it. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone suffering from pain anywhere. I've used it on my hands, shoulders, hip, individual fingers/thumbs. October 19, 2013
not worth the price there are only 4 small electrode pads, and the thing only sets a timer for 15 mins, you have to keep restarting, resetting all just to get any use from it... November 17, 2012
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