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Welcome to Figi’s Gourmet Market



    1. A connoisseur in eating and drinking. Also called a foodie, a gourmet is someone who takes their food considerably more seriously than most. Some might say that they live to eat rather than eating to live. They appreciate fine quality of food.

Sixty-seven years ago, John Figi, a federal cheese inspector wanted to make Wisconsin’s cheese available to everyone, no matter where they lived.  The company he founded has become a leader in the food gift industry, delivering the best of the Heartland throughout the United States.  Today, Figi’s specializes not only in cheese and cheese spreads, but also in gourmet desserts and baked goods, nuts, sausage and smoked meats, chocolates and candies.

The Figi’s story is one firmly rooted in the concept of family.  From John Figi’s kitchen in 1944 to your kitchen in 2011, our goal has been the same: to provide great gifts to be shared between friends and family.

We’ve created this blog as a place to get to know you, our loyal customers, who continue to make us a part of your holiday celebrations year after year.  We look forward to connecting with you through our own stories, recipe ideas and holiday traditions.

Welcome to the Figi’s Gourmet Market!

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