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How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Cabin Fever

Are you having trouble concentrating?  Are you feeling impatient?  Do you have an uncontrollable itch to get outside?  If so, you are likely experiencing the symptoms of Cabin Fever.

During the winter months – especially in areas like Wisconsin where snow is on the ground for several months – many people become distressed after spending lots of time cooped up indoors.    Although not a serious medical condition, Cabin Fever can take a major toll on a person’s well-being.

Although our winter has been unusually mild this year, we are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.  Fortunately, there are ways for all of us to survive the rest of the winter season.

  • Brighten up your home

Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean it has to be dark inside your home.  Colors can be extremely mood altering.  Decorate rooms with exciting home accents such as pillows, table cloths or fresh flowers.  Choose energizing colors like yellow, orange or red.

  • Grow your own paradise

Did you know having green plants in your home provides you and your family with amazing health benefits?  In addition to providing you with oxygen and fighting illness, house plants can make you happy.

Don’t have a green thumb?  There are plenty of plants available that require very little work.  Look for spider plants, snake plants or rubber plants.

  • Get together with friends

The cold, dreary weather becomes a common excuse not to spend time with friends.  Make it a point to get together.  Go to a movie, make a dinner date or plan a “Cabin Fever” party.  The socialization will ease your stress and lift your spirit.

  • Enjoy winter activities

Throw on some long johns and make the most of winter by trying something new outdoors.  Cross country skiing and figure skating can be great exercise and fun for the whole family.  Just remember to bundle up!

And remember – spring will be here before you know it!

How do you beat the Winter Blues?


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