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How to Spring Clean the Fast and Easy Way

It’s finally spring!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and your house… is a disaster.

During the winter season, it is easy to push housework to the bottom of the to-do list.  From the middle of the October to the middle of January, you are preparing (then recuperating) from back-to-back holidays.

Now is finally the time to refresh your home, but you don’t have to set aside countless hours of cleaning.  Spring clean the fast and easy way by hitting all of the larger tasks.

  • Pack away those winter clothes

As the weather continues to warm up, you won’t be needing those heavy sweatshirts and jackets.  Put those cold weather clothes in a moisture-resistant tote or airtight bag.  Keep them smelling fresh by adding a few dryer sheets.  If you don’t have room for another box, just do a little rearranging in your closet.  Move those warm clothes to the back.

  • Carpet cleaning

As any homeowner knows, winter can take a major toll on carpet appearance.  It is recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year, but if you already own a shampooer, why not do it yourself?  This task may be the most time-consuming, but you will not be sorry.  Rather than using an expensive cleaning solution, you can use steaming hot water as a substitute.  In doing so, you will deep clean your carpet without leaving a sticky residue.  Be sure to wait until your floor is completely dry before walking on it again.

  • Give your yard a seasonal makeover

Get out and enjoy the sunshine!  Warm spring weather gives you an extra opportunity to clean up your yard.  Get all that leftover winter mess raked up and fertilize your grass.  Avoid an extra nitrogen-rich fertilizer to keep the weeds away.

No one enjoys cleaning (we think), but it’s something that definitely needs to be done.  How do you get through spring cleaning?

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