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Backyard Barbeque Party Basics

When you think about summer, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  The beach, concerts or baseball?  We’ve only got one thing on our

minds and that’s barbeque parties! Are you preparing to host one? Find out what you need to do:

  • Think ahead for easier clean-up

You use nonstick cooking spray inside.  Why not bring it outside?  The nonstick spray works the same way on the grill as it does in your pots and pans.  So spray it on before firing up the grill and, again, after it has been turned off and had a chance to cool down.  After you spritz the second time, the cooking spray should push any excess particles to the bottom of the grill, which will then be burned off the next time you grill out.

  • Keep the drinks cold with ice balloons

Ice is usually used to keep the drinks cold.  While it does the trick, it can get messy, especially after it has had time to melt.  For a fun and colorful alternative, fill up balloons with water and freeze them.  After your cooler has been emptied, you can put your “ice balloons” back in the freezer for re-use or give the kids an opportunity for a water balloon fight.

  • Keep the food warm, but not burned

Depending on the number of people invited to your barbeque party, your grill may not be large enough to accommodate all of their wants and needs.  To keep everyone’s stomach satisfied, you’ll need to have a variety of choices.  But how do you grill everything without overcooking?  Place a small aluminum foil pan on the grill.  Once your brats and hotdogs have been grilled to perfection, stack them up in the pan.  Your food will stay warm without getting overcooked.

  • Have plenty of games available

A barbeque is a chance for people to meet new friends.  Games make excellent ice-breakers.  Make sure to have plenty of games on hand to keep everyone entertained.  Frisbee or beanbag toss make great choices for outdoor games.  Have them set out and ready to play.

  • Get creative with your party décor

Everyone wants their house to be looking its best when they have company, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on décor.  It’s likely you have decorations all over your home.  Are you a gardener?  Use different flower pots as a utensil holder.  Are you a jar collector?  Go find a few wildflowers and you’ll have a season-appropriate centerpiece.   Use your imagination and let your personality shine through!

These are just a few items we think are essential for a fun barbeque party.  What else do you think is important?

For more fun grilling and party planning ideas,

Check out our “Backyard Barbeque Party Basics” pinboard on Pinterest.

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Marshfield Dairy Breakfast

Like all months, June has many little known holidays associated with it, including Aquarium Month, Candy Month and Rose Month.  But the most important holiday to us at Figi’s and the rest of Wisconsin as well, is the designation of National Dairy Month.

Dairy Month first began as National Milk Month in 1937 in an attempt to promote the importance of drinking milk.  The name was changed to National Dairy Month two years later once the National Dairy Council began promoting the cause.   Today, it celebrates the many contributions the dairy industry has made to the world including feeding consumers, contributing to communities and enriching both the state and local economy. Did you know 90 percent of Wisconsin cheese is sold outside the state in major markets all over the country, bringing millions of dollars back into our economy? Learn more about the great impacts of the Wisconsin Dairy Industry.

Many cities in Wisconsin commemorate the month with a local dairy breakfast.  On June 1, Marshfield hosted one of the Wisconsin’s largest dairy breakfasts at the Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.  An anxious and hungry crowd was already waiting at the doors by 5 am.   Breakfast featured fresh cheese curds and “secret recipe” scrambled eggs.

It was estimated that approximately 1800 people had come through by 8:30 am.

The entire state is celebrating Dairy Month with dozens more dairy breakfasts happening all month long.  If you’re in one of the areas, we encourage you to take your family down to the farm for a hearty breakfast that is sure to appeal to your taste buds!


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