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The Perfect Housewarming Gift – A Food Basket

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A food gift is an ideal present for many circumstances, including making someone feel more welcome in a new home. Changing locations can be a tiresome experience, a gift basket containing several snacks can make the transition smoother for people that have just moved in. There are many ways in which food gift baskets can be used as housewarming gifts. We have some ideas to get you started:

“Welcome to the neighborhood”

Making a new couple feel welcome to your neighborhood can represent the best occasion to send a food gift. You could also include some chocolate gifts and wine, as they are great energy boosters that the new family will certainly need while putting together their home. Receiving such a gift will definitely make them feel welcome to their new neighborhood.

“Congratulations on your new home”

Food gifts are wonderful for new homeowners because during the first days, they will barely have time to cook. By taking care of these aspects, you will prove yourself as a reliable friend or neighbor. Chances are that the food gift baskets they receive will be greatly appreciated as they have their first meal in a new home, while still sitting on cardboard boxes and imagining about how they are going to decorate the rooms.

“Great job!  You’ve finished building your own home”

Some people prefer to build their own houses instead of buying a home that was designed by someone else, which can be a very long and tedious process. Gift baskets and food gifts make excellent housewarming gifts to reward the completion of the process, especially those that contain their favorite snacks, as the familiar tastes will certainly make them feel more at home.

“Good luck on your move”

Food gifts are perfect for those that are just moving out, even if they do not own the property. For instance, students that move away from home for the first time in their lives will certainly appreciate a food gift, as they will have to spend some time figuring out how to do their own cooking. Such a gift basket will also make them feel more like home, especially if it includes their favorite foods, or if they have a sweet tooth, a gourmet chocolate gift might be in order. Students are not the only ones that have to move out. Even if the property is rented, the process of adapting to the new conditions can be stressful for anyone. If a friend or a relative has to move out, when they arrive at their new home, they will definitely enjoy finding a housewarming gift basket to welcome them.

“Welcome to your new (empty) home”

Another occasion that calls for food gift baskets as housewarming gifts is having the kids move out from the nest. While parents may feel like they are finally getting the entire house back, they will also tend to feel lonely. As a good friend, you can send them a food gift, as a way to welcome them to their ‘new’ (empty) home. Your gesture will be appreciated because it will show that you are thinking about their feelings.

“I deserve a treat, too!”

No one says that housewarming gifts must only be sent to someone else. If you are moving to a new home, treat yourself with something nice. You will not have time to cook your own food for a while and the treats from the snack gift basket will keep you from going hungry while you are putting the new home together. Choose a food gift that contains your favorite snacks and enjoy the treat, while thinking about where to put all that furniture.


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