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Find the Perfect Gift for The Man in Your Life

When it comes time to do some gift shopping for that special man in your life – be it your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, whoever – it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of your gifting options. You want to get him something unique, something he’ll love, and something that shows you really care about who he is and what he likes – but where do you start? When he claims that he has ‘everything he needs’ and isn’t very forthcoming about what he wants, choosing the right gift baskets for men can become a real challenge.

In the last 68 years we’ve learned a thing or two about finding the perfect gifts for men. That’s why we’ve put together these special gift baskets designed to please your man by giving him a taste of his favorite things!

Meat & Cheese Gifts for Him

Bits N Mustard

There’s something about smoke cured meat and premium aged cheese that makes both treats irresistible when enjoyed together. Men can’t get enough of the zesty, smokehouse flavor of quality meats and sausages, and the smooth, rich taste of Signature Wisconsin cheeses provides the perfect balance of salty & sweet snacking flavor. Give your man a gift that’s packed with the finer things in life by choosing a meat and cheese gift basket.

Man Snacks

Call of the Wild Snack Mix

Snacks exist for that in-between-meals craving that every man experiences throughout the day. He wants something that will curb his hunger and satisfy his tastes without bringing on the dreaded afternoon food coma that typically accompanies heavier fare. We recommend a gourmet snack mix that is loaded with his favorite goodies, like our Call of the Wild Snack Mix with toasted sesame sticks, peanuts, almonds, cashews and dried cranberries for superior crunch on the go. Give him a gift he can enjoy every day and you’ll be on his mind each time he reaches for that decorative tin of treats!

Chocolate Gifts for Men

English Butter Toffee

Whoever said that chocolate is exclusively a woman’s gift has clearly never seen a couple of guys take down a tin of chocolate potato chips! We believe that chocolate is for everyone; in fact, English Butter Toffee and Creamy Country Fudge have been long time staples of men’s gifts during the holidays for as long as we’ve been in the business of delivering gifts in good taste! Send him a collection of gourmet chocolates this holiday season and make his chocolate lovers dreams a reality.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Personalized Wisconsin’s Dairy Finest Gift Basket

Whatever you decide to send him for Christmas, it will be made even more meaningful by taking a moment to personalize your gift. Choose his favorite colors and include a short message to show him you care. Personalizing your gift provides just the right boost to take your present from excellent to extraordinary. 


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The Festive History of Fruitcake


Tis the season for people to send tasty gifts through the mail to their loved ones, but what should be sent?  Figi’s offers a variety of delicious options, such as meat and cheese packages, cookies, gift baskets, and one of our favorites – fruitcake.  So how and where did fruitcakes first originate?  It is definitely an interesting tale which is fitting for this holiday season.

Egyptians actually created the first version of a fruitcake.  They were placed on tombs of friends and relatives in hopes that their dead acquaintances could survive on the fruitcake on their journey to the afterlife.

In Roman times, fruitcake served as a great way to fuel the Roman army as the ingredients of most of these cakes gave the soldiers a huge energy boost.  With a combination of barley mash, raisins, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds, these fruitcakes were a portable, long-lasting, and relatively light energy source that was extremely efficient for fighting and traveling armies.

In their search for the Holy Grail, even the Crusaders utilized these energizing treats while also incorporating additional ingredients such as fruits, honey, and spices.  For this reason, the fruitcakes became much heavier.

During the 18th century, the fruitcake became increasingly more popular as every year when the nut harvest had finished, a fruitcake was made and saved until the beginning of the next year’s harvest hoping to secure another successful harvest.  Yet, later in the 18th century, fruitcake (also called plum cakes) was outlawed throughout continental Europe because it was considered “sinfully rich”. 

And finally, in more recent times, an interesting custom in England for unmarried wedding guests was to put a slice of fruitcake under their pillow at nights so they would dream of the person they would marry.  Speaking of weddings, fruitcake has even made some royal appearances as it was at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  So don’t forget to dine with royalty this holiday season, and pass on this great, tasty fruitcake tradition to your friends and family!


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How to: Personalized Gift Basket Ideas

At Figi’s, we’re all about giving gifts in good taste. That means using only the best ingredients in our award winning gift baskets, and it means taking the extra step to help you personalize your presents. Each of our baskets are built to provide a great selection of delicious treats for you or someone special in your life, but when you really want to go above and beyond, it can take a little extra something to bring your gift together. Here we break down a few custom gift combos to get you heading in the right direction for a personalized gift they’ll remember.

1. Treat Yourself – A Gift Basket for Busy Moms

For many moms, the best gifts are little things and simple gestures. Vacuuming without being asked, turning your socks right-side out or just calling to say hello can help turn around even the busiest, most stressful days. For special occasions though, a big gesture goes a long way to show your appreciation for everything she does. Show her you care with a hand-written card and a chocolate gift basket brimming with her favorite cocoa treats. See, chocolate is much more than just a traditional desert with a smooth finish; it contains special chemicals that boost certain signals in the brain by increasing endorphins (relieves stress), serotonin levels (anti-depressant), and dopamine production (creates feelings of well-being). With just a bite, you’re giving her the gift of relaxation and an opportunity to wind down by taking time for her – for many moms, this can be one of the best gifts of all!

2. Figi’s Trailmix – A Gift Guide for the Outdoors-Man

Country Snack Mix
Some guys have to spend time outside to keep their minds at ease. Something about nature just speaks to them, and they’re more than willing to answer when they hear the mountains, woods or river call. You may not be able to give these hardy outdoors-men the wild, but you can make sure they are well equipped for their next adventure!

The first thing anyone needs when striking out for a hike or a camping trip is a quality batch of trail mix. This concoction of nuts and fruit is easy to eat on the go, won’t leave a mess and is really easy to make. Start with a tin of Gourmet Nuts for a solid foundation to your gift, then add an assortment of sun drenched fruit and dried berries from Send these ingredients separately so he can mix them together as he sees best, or opt for a box of our trail-mix that arrives ready to eat. This specially made mix suited to his needs will really help him go the extra mile on his next trip!

3. Cheese Lovers in Paradise

Figi’s was born and aged in Wisconsin, just like our premium Cheese Gifts. If someone you know likes to live free and embrace the international Jimmy Buffet time standard – that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere – then a Cheese Lovers in Paradise theme is a great way to personalize a classic combination. Send a collection of natural cheeses with a homemade recipe for queso to really get the party started!

4. Grill Sergeant

Wild Game Brat Gift Box

Send a seasoned barbeque veteran the ultimate brat box for a tour on the grill. Combine a Wild Game Brat Gift Box, sweet & smoky barbeque sauce, stone ground mustard, savory cream cheese and instructions for making perfectly caramelized onions for a carnivorous treat that will make mouths water. These savory links will make even fire-hardened grill masters swoon; just be sure to show up at game time when these bold bratwursts come off the fire!

5. Snow Day Essentials

Be ready for an impromptu holiday from school with the young ones this winter by putting together a gift box packed with snow day essentials. Plan ahead by preparing everything you need so when you get the news you’re ready to get going!

First, whip up a Classic Holiday Breakfast with buttermilk pancakes and ham to start the day right. Next, include some hand crafted diagrams for proper snow fort construction, food coloring for tactical team snowball fights, and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to warm up after a day in the cold. Add a movie to the mix so everyone can relax at the end of the day.

Wrap. Label. Send.

Whatever you decide to include in your personalized gift, make sure it’s relevant to your recipient. No vegetarian will be thrilled to receive an assortment of steaks! Once you have everything together, wrap it up with some festive paper or get creative with your boxing skills, just don’t forget to include a hand-written card to your special someone. If you need more ideas for gifts to personalize and share, stop by or let us know on Figi’s Facebook page, and we’d be happy to make some suggestions for you!


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