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Figi’s Fun Valentines for Kids

Think back for a moment to your first crush, the person who delivered your first Valentine’s Day card, chocolate rose or clever poem, and remember how it felt to receive that compliment. Now, as adults, Valentine’s Day can be many things for many people, but for kids it’s still very simple: a chance to share a sweet treat and appreciation with friends and sweethearts. At Figi’s, we like to keep this spirit of Valentine’s Day alive in our youngsters with fun treats and gifts they’ll love and remember.

Valentine’s Candy for Kids

When it comes time to choose the right candy for your kids, you’ll want to keep in mind the most important rules on Valentine’s Day – first, it has to be delicious! And second, it should be easily shared. Each of our special candy valentines gifts for kids combines the best of both, like our Conversation Jelly Belly Jelly Beans which have sweet valentines printed on every bite, or our Personalized Valentine Peanut Butter Pie, a favorite for classrooms and parties alike.

Add a Personal Touch

What would you think if someone gave you a card without even addressing it to you? That is precisely why a Valentine just isn’t complete if it hasn’t been personalized! Add a special touch to your Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids by personalizing each gift with their names or a short message. Send a mailbox full of treats with our Personalized Valentine Mailbox or add a message to one of our many other February 14th favorites!

Plush Toys

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about candy and sweets; these are just one of the ways to celebrate the ever-important elements of love, connection, and friendship that give the holiday its substance. We need people, family and friends to love and the best valentines create a place for that love to live. If Winnie the Pooh and our favorite childhood memories have taught us anything, it’s that a child’s best friend is often their closest companion, and many times this friend can be imaginary, or at least only somewhat ‘real.’ Plush toys like our Puppy Love or Precious Moments Teddy Bear stuffed animals are lovable friends and adorable gifts for any child on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines to Share

The timeless sentiment “It’s always better to give than to receive” holds true for Valentine’s Day just as much as every other gifting holiday. That’s why we’ve created a few gifts that are meant to be shared. Choose gifts in sets of 4 from our Heart-Felt Treats or Valentine Gift Baskets for your kids, their friends, or schoolmates!

Finally, do you remember your favorite Valentine’s Day poem from when you were a kid? Leave us a comment below!


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