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Figi’s Summertime Grilling & Picnic Tips

Metro Barbeque Grill | Figi'sSummertime is celebrated in unique and different ways by every culture on earth – at Figi’s, we’re glad America loves barbeque!

It doesn’t matter if you prefer hearty Texas brisket, South Carolina’s traditional bbq pork, or All-American burgers, brats, and sausages, working a grill is the key to unlocking the flavors that bring friends and families together. In fact, gathering around the grill for a picnic on a warm summer afternoon is one of the most iconic symbols of summer fun, and easily one of our most beloved traditions.

In honor of the first official day of summer, here are a few of our favorite grilling tips, recipes, and outdoor gifts to try for yourself and share with your friends this summer.

Prepare the Feast

Grilling Gifts Combo Pack | Figi'sEveryone likes their steaks, burgers, and brats cooked a little differently. Depending on the protein in question, picnic guests may request anything from a cool red center (rare) to a thoroughly cooked (well-done) main course from the grill master. With many different preferences, tenderness, flavor, and juiciness can be difficult to control.

At Figi’s, we work with exceptional cuts of beef, wild game, and gourmet sausages in our grilling gifts. We’ve learned a thing or two over the years about how to grill a tastefully tender steak!

1.    Choose the right cut

Round steak, flank steak, and skirt steaks are great cuts of meat that tenderize well due to their large, consistent muscle fibers.

2.    Trim the fat

No need to cut away all of the fat from your steak – leaving some actually adds to the flavor! Simply cut away any large pieces that would create an unpleasant bite.

3.    Tenderize

The easiest way to deeply infuse flavor into your meat (and tenderize it) is to marinade it in an acidic liquid, like lemon or lime juice, vinegar, or wine. These natural acids break down the muscle fibers in your steak and make each bite easier to chew.

4.    Temperature

Allow steaks to reach room temperature (let sit outside of the fridge for about 30 minutes) before adding to the heat of your grill. This prevents the meat from cooking unevenly or drying out before reaching the desired internal temperature.

5.    Rest Your Steak

Once your steak is done on the grill, let it set for about 5 minutes away from the heat. This gives the meat time to reabsorb natural juices that give the steak its characteristic flavor.

6.    Serve!

No matter how you decide to work your grill-master magic this summer, remember that a tender steak is a good steak! If you haven’t dusted off the old barbeque yet this year, then today’s summer solstice is the perfect excuse to roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Visit us online at Facebook and Google+ to find and share more grilling tips & picnic ideas all summer long!

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