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Figi’s Favorites: Birthday Gift Baskets

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. ~ Jack Benny 

It’s September, and because more babies are born in September than any other month, there’s no better time of the year to talk about Birthdays. Birthdays are special milestones in a person’s life and are wonderful opportunities to celebrate with friends and relatives. Figi’s has some terrific birthday gifts you can bring to the celebration, or if you can’t be there  ‘in person’, you send one of our custom-made birthday gift baskets found at  Here are a few recommendations to help get you started.

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. ~ author unknown

Happy Birthday Candle Petits FoursFigi’s is well-known for its petits fours, especially our Happy Birthday Candle Petits Fours – they’re adorable and delicious! Every indulgent bite reveals layers of rich, moist cake with smooth butter crème with vanilla, orange, and lemon filling. This is Figi’s most popular birthday gift and we’re sure your loved ones will thank you for sending it to them.

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. ~ Lucille Ball

Birthday Wishes Gift TowerFigi’s Birthday Wishes Gift Tower is a sweet, towering celebration designed to delight your loved ones as they open each charming layer!  Tied with a yellow ribbon, our three fun-filled layers contain chewy Tootsie Rolls®, Hershey’s® Miniatures, York® Peppermint Patties, Milk Chocolate covered Pretzels, Candy covered Pretzels, cotton candy-flavored Cupcake Nougat Fluffs® and Figi’s marvelous Moo Mix®.  By the way, Figi’s Moo Mix® is delicious blend of fresh Popcorn coated in Chocolate or Caramel, blended with Almonds, Pecans, Cashews, Butter Toffee Mixed Nuts, and White and Milk Chocolate covered Peanuts. Many Figi’s employees love Moo Mix®and odds are, you and your loved ones will, too! This gift truly is a delicious way to send your birthday wishes!

I’m at an age when my back goes out more than I do. ~ Phyllis Diller

Precious Moments Birthday GirlsHow about these cuties! Each adorable Precious Moments Birthday Girl represents her birth month with a simulated birthstone at the center of her flower and accent colors to match. These collectables are 3″H and are currently available in all 12 months, while supplies last.

You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. ~ John P. Grier

Birthday Bash TowerThe Figi’s Birthday Bash Tower is loaded with one surprise after another! Your special someone will enjoys their way through 5 sensational snack levels. Along the journey, they’ll discover foiled Dark Chocolate Stars, Creamy Candied Pretzels, Fruity Popcorn and Caramel Corn, plus delicious Cashews, Almonds, California Pistachios, and Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Oh, and we’ve also included delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies hidden at the bottom of this exciting birthday gift basket!

Personalized Chocolate GreetingLast but certainly not least, Figi’s Personalized Chocolate Greeting includes your personal message written on luscious milk chocolate and is accompanied by eight heavenly mini Bakery Tortes! Your  personalized message can have up to 3 lines of up to 9 characters per line.

Birthday “Did You Know?”

According to, more babies are born on Tuesday than any other day. The fewest babies are born on Sunday.

According to, the most common US birth date is October 5th and the least common is May 22nd.

The “Happy Birthday to You” song is copyrighted and makes around 2 million dollars a year from licensing fees.

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Back to School Gifts for Kids

With school back in session kids and grand kids everywhere are settling once again into the rhythm of the school year. Don’t you think that waking up early, finishing their schoolwork and early bed times deserve a little reward? We’re on the same page here at Figi’s and we’ve got you covered with all kinds of delicious back to school gifts for kids. Check out our favorites below before Fall Break rolls around!

1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Back to School Gifts for KidsThese simple treats are a great snack when the kids get home from school that won’t ruin their appetite for dinner. The perfect sweet and salty combo, these pretzel twists are coated in colorful candy & sprinkles. Pack some white cream or milk chocolate covered pretzels  into snack-size bags for lunch or to eat on the go to help your kids make it through the school day!

2. Homestyle Cookies
Back to School Gifts for Children
Let’s face it, finding the time to hurry home and whip up a batch of gooey, homemade cookies for the kids after school is hardly a simple task these days. If you still want to treat them to something sweet, try a tin of our homestyle cookies. Our cookies come in chocolate fudge, chocolate chip, jelly star, butterscotch, oatmeal raisin and many more flavors, all made from traditional recipes and sealed for freshness for that just-baked taste you and your children will love.

3. Assorted Popcorn Flavors
Popcorn Flavors for KidsGame nights, movie nights & sleepovers are a great way for the kids to relax and take their minds off of school work with friends and family. Why not bring a surprise to the next game night with an assortment of delicious popcorn flavors for the kids? Try our yummy caramel, orange, green apple, cheese & strawberry flavors in stay-fresh containers that will get the kids thinking about Halloween!

What are some of your children’s favorite back-to-school snacks & treats? Share with us in the Comments below!

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What is a Figi’s Signature Gift Anyway?

Signature Gift in Copy

Holiday Feast Gift BoxSeveral of our products are designated with “Figi’s Signature Gift” status; you’ve probably seen the Figi’s Signature Gift badge on  product images and references to Figi’s Signature Gift in product copy.  Have you ever wondered what this meant?

In a nutshell: here’s what it means for a product to be a Figi’s Signature Gift:What is a Figi's Signature Gift

How does a product to become a Figi’s Signature Gift?  Well, several people from various departments continually evaluate Figi’s products; among other factors, they monitor customer reviews of products, they monitor product quality, and they monitor product sales history.

Those products that meet certain benchmarks in this evaluation process time and time again are nominated by our merchant team to become Figi’s Signature Gifts.  Our merchant team ultimately decides which gifts attain “Signature” status. It’s a designation that’s not given out lightly; these gifts truly are customer favorites year after year.

English Butter ToffeeThere are many Figi’s Signature Gifts available, across several categories, including: Cheese and Meat gifts, Bakery gifts, Candy and Chocolate gifts, Nuts and Snacks gifts; there are even a few non-food gifts such as our Annual Limited Edition Red Wagon Ornament. We’ve even grouped all of our Figi’s Signature Gifts together for you; click here to see them all.

Do You have a favorite Signature Gift? Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook and Google+


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Figi’s Top 10: Football Finger Foods (Part 1)

It’s that time of year! Baseball might be known as ‘America’s Pastime’, but Football is arguably ‘America’s Passion’. Nothing brings friends, family and neighbors together like a football game…and the party that accompanies it.

Football parties usually come in two varieties: the tailgate and the housegate.  A housegate is essential the same ‘food and fun’ you have while tailgating; only it’s held in the comfort of one’s own home or yard.

Figi’s has some terrific finger food ideas to make any tailgate or housegate football party ‘perfect’!  We’ve put together a winning team of 10 great football finger food ideas & gifts to bring to your next football gathering; let’s look at the first five gifts, in no particular order:

Savory Sixteen Meat and Cheese Sampler1. Savory Sixteen Meat and Cheese Gift Hut-hut! Sixteen of your favorite flavors huddled together for a festival of savory sampling! Check out this roster: Snack sized Summer and Mettwurst Sausages, plus Steakhouse, Pizza, Garlic, and more robust sausages accompany Wisconsin Cheese, including Cheddar, Colby, and Brick, plus specialty flavored cheese, including Onion, Bacon, and Salami. This food gift basket is a great variety of flavors perfect for a cheese and sausage platter with assorted crackers, fruit or breads.

Classic Petits Fours2. Classic Petits Fours: looking for something sweet to compliment the ‘savory’ at your football party or tailgate?  These delicious little cakes are up for the job. Figi’s Classic Petits Fours are snack sized and come in six luscious varieties, each combining real buttercreme or chocolate filling with a rich outer shell. Our flavors include Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Almond, Orange, and Vanilla. These beautiful, hand decorated petits fours are great for entertaining and gift giving!

Country Cheeses Spreads3. Creamy Country Cheese Spreads: you’ll score big points with these classic Figi’s cheese spreads! Year after year, Figi’s sells more of this gift than any other item, and no wonder; it’s made with real Wisconsin cheese and comes in a variety of mouth-watering, easy to spread flavors including: Cheddar Bacon, Swiss & Almond, Cheddar, Port Wine and NEW Smoky Cheddar! Available to ship Oct. 14th.

The Yahoo Sports top five NFL cities to tailgate in: 

1. Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas
2. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Kansas
3. Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, New York
4. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin
5. Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Have you ever tailgated at an NFL stadium? Let us know where; use the reply box below and share your story!

Smokehouse Meat Sticks and More4. Smokehouse Meat Sticks and More: these meat sticks are the perfect finger food idea, whether for a football party, a tailgate or any occasion! They’re a perennial customer favorite because they’re superbly seasoned smoked meat sticks, made in the best smokehouse tradition – just the way you like ‘em. Our Signature Beef Sticks are moist and flavorful; the Pepperoni is perfectly spiced and our Hot & Spicy variety adds a little extra zip to your football celebration! For those who want a bit less ‘zing’, our Honey Ham variety is sweet and savory; it’s a top seller!

Creamy Country Cheese Logs5. Creamy Country Cheese Logs: savor the smoothest, most luscious cheese logs ever made! Real Wisconsin cheese and cream cheese are whipped together and rolled in pecan and almond bits. These cheese gifts go great with your favorite breads and crackers! All four of our most popular cheese spread varieties are included, creating football party experience your die-hard fans can’t get enough of! Available to ship Oct. 14th.

Next time, we’ll look at the rest of Figi’s Top 10 Football Finger Foods; check back soon!



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Figi’s 2013 Collectible Barn is Here!

Share the Joy of Americana Barns with our Collectible Series

Figi's Star BarnOld barns seem to strike a chord in people, those who live in both the city and the countryside, even those who are not antique lovers enjoy them. Perhaps it’s their picturesque style combined with the symbolism of our shared heritage that makes these barns so universally appealing. Our resident artist is a lover of old barns, and Figi’s Americana Barn Collection is the result of that admiration.

Our collection began in 1992 with a Classic Midwestern Barn and we have added to the collection every year (see our barns). The majority of our collectible barns have been based on a type, like our Round Barn, but last year we asked for suggestions from our customers, and we received many wonderful ideas! (Make your suggestion for next year’s barn) Several people suggested creating a replica of the Star Barn in Pennsylvania, a National Historic Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This year’s Americana Barn is modeled on that famous barn. Here is its history:

The Star Barn was built in 1872 in the post Civil War era. It was a time when many Americans were living on subsistence farming, but the outlook was very hopeful. Restoration was ongoing, and great strides were made in farming.  The builder, Daniel Reichert, created a barn with an inspiring message built right into the architecture. Designed in the Gothic Revival style with a cupola rising above the gabled roof and tall pointed-arch ventilators, the barn also featured prominent star-shaped ventilators within each gable and cross-gable. The stars symbolize hope and good fortune for the farm and the land.

John Motter, the barn’s original owner, passed away in 1901. The estate stayed within the Motter family until, in 1925, the farm passed into the Nissely family, and was converted to dairy farming. The lower level of the barn was altered to accommodate cattle, a milk house was built nearby, and silos were raised for food storage.

In 1940, the farm passed to Aaron Hoffer, and four generations of the Hoffer family worked the farm. In 1994, the farm was subdivided; the farmhouse and land made up one parcel, and the barn and other outbuildings made up the other.

Recognizing the historical significance of this remarkable barn, the Millport Conservancy and Preservation Pennsylvania joined forces, and on February 29, 2000 they purchased the Star Barn Complex. Their goal was to preserve this endangered symbol of the area’s agricultural heritage. In 2007, the non-profit corporation, Agrarian Country, purchased the complex with plans to use the barn for educational purposes.

Visit the Star Barn website for further information.


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