Figi’s Top 10: Football Finger Foods (Part 1)

It’s that time of year! Baseball might be known as ‘America’s Pastime’, but Football is arguably ‘America’s Passion’. Nothing brings friends, family and neighbors together like a football game…and the party that accompanies it.

Football parties usually come in two varieties: the tailgate and the housegate.  A housegate is essential the same ‘food and fun’ you have while tailgating; only it’s held in the comfort of one’s own home or yard.

Figi’s has some terrific finger food ideas to make any tailgate or housegate football party ‘perfect’!  We’ve put together a winning team of 10 great football finger food ideas & gifts to bring to your next football gathering; let’s look at the first five gifts, in no particular order:

Savory Sixteen Meat and Cheese Sampler1. Savory Sixteen Meat and Cheese Gift Hut-hut! Sixteen of your favorite flavors huddled together for a festival of savory sampling! Check out this roster: Snack sized Summer and Mettwurst Sausages, plus Steakhouse, Pizza, Garlic, and more robust sausages accompany Wisconsin Cheese, including Cheddar, Colby, and Brick, plus specialty flavored cheese, including Onion, Bacon, and Salami. This food gift basket is a great variety of flavors perfect for a cheese and sausage platter with assorted crackers, fruit or breads.

Classic Petits Fours2. Classic Petits Fours: looking for something sweet to compliment the ‘savory’ at your football party or tailgate?  These delicious little cakes are up for the job. Figi’s Classic Petits Fours are snack sized and come in six luscious varieties, each combining real buttercreme or chocolate filling with a rich outer shell. Our flavors include Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Almond, Orange, and Vanilla. These beautiful, hand decorated petits fours are great for entertaining and gift giving!

Country Cheeses Spreads3. Creamy Country Cheese Spreads: you’ll score big points with these classic Figi’s cheese spreads! Year after year, Figi’s sells more of this gift than any other item, and no wonder; it’s made with real Wisconsin cheese and comes in a variety of mouth-watering, easy to spread flavors including: Cheddar Bacon, Swiss & Almond, Cheddar, Port Wine and NEW Smoky Cheddar! Available to ship Oct. 14th.

The Yahoo Sports top five NFL cities to tailgate in: 

1. Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas
2. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Kansas
3. Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, New York
4. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin
5. Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Have you ever tailgated at an NFL stadium? Let us know where; use the reply box below and share your story!

Smokehouse Meat Sticks and More4. Smokehouse Meat Sticks and More: these meat sticks are the perfect finger food idea, whether for a football party, a tailgate or any occasion! They’re a perennial customer favorite because they’re superbly seasoned smoked meat sticks, made in the best smokehouse tradition – just the way you like ‘em. Our Signature Beef Sticks are moist and flavorful; the Pepperoni is perfectly spiced and our Hot & Spicy variety adds a little extra zip to your football celebration! For those who want a bit less ‘zing’, our Honey Ham variety is sweet and savory; it’s a top seller!

Creamy Country Cheese Logs5. Creamy Country Cheese Logs: savor the smoothest, most luscious cheese logs ever made! Real Wisconsin cheese and cream cheese are whipped together and rolled in pecan and almond bits. These cheese gifts go great with your favorite breads and crackers! All four of our most popular cheese spread varieties are included, creating football party experience your die-hard fans can’t get enough of! Available to ship Oct. 14th.

Next time, we’ll look at the rest of Figi’s Top 10 Football Finger Foods; check back soon!



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