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Figi’s Staff Thanksgiving Memories

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to meet with family and friends for a traditional meal, fun and fellowship. Most all of us have many fond memories of Thanksgivings’ past and have our own traditions for celebrating the holiday. Since Figi’s is a company specializing in helping people make long-lasting holiday memories and traditions, we in particular understand the importance holidays like Thanksgiving hold for our customers as well as ourselves.

I thought it would be fun to interview some Figi’s employees to get there reflections on Thanksgiving.  They agreed to allow me to share their thoughts with you and I hope you enjoys their responses.

Do you have any fond memories of Thanksgiving from your childhood? Brenda: as a kid, we always went to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving.  We had the traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings and boy did Grandma make the best stuffing ever!  The whole family then watched football games or took a nap…or both!  Ellen: we would typically eat the traditional turkey dinner and then we’d play games.  Charades was one of my favorites.  Lisa: every year, my aunts, uncles and cousins would come to our house in Milwaukee.  Ping Pong and billiards tournaments were always part of the fun!  Chris: my Dad has only been home for a handful of Thanksgivings (He’s always gone deer hunting) so I have many great memories of just my Mom and I having Thanksgiving together at home or at restaurants.  We also spent many Thanksgivings with close family and those were always very special as well.

Have you done anything ‘non-traditional’ for Thanksgiving? Brenda: as an adult and working in the retail industry I’ve spent Thanksgiving in 6 different states and done an assortment of different activities on Thanksgiving: I’ve worked that day; I’ve ran in a 5K; I’ve spent the day by myself (very far from my family). One time, I spent the day skiing; another time I spent the day on the beach; I’ve played in a mud football game; and I’ve stood in line for Black Friday.  Ellen: Not really.  Thanksgiving Day has always been a day we have celebrated with family.  At times we’ve worked around deer hunting schedules, but the time was generally spent with family: cooking dinner, watching football, playing games and just being ‘together’.  One time, we were hosting Thanksgiving at our house: I cut out leaves from construction paper and then had everyone write down what they were thankful for that day.  Instead of a prayer, we went around the table and each person read what he or she was thankful for that day.  Lisa: not really.  Chris:  we always have lasagna and garlic bread for Thanksgiving with my in-laws.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or had food catered in for Thanksgiving? Brenda: rarely have I had a family Thanksgiving.  We usually go out or to a friend’s house.  I will say the best Thanksgiving I’ve had recently has been in my favorite restaurant and it was with my entire family – finally a Thanksgiving with the entire family! Ellen: No, I enjoy cooking dinner on Thanksgiving.  Going to a restaurant or having food catered in doesn’t seem like what we would consider a “tradition” for our family.  Lisa: no. Chris: yes, many times.

What was/is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Brenda: my Grandma’s stuffing.  Ellen: my favorite would be corn soufflé. Lisa: mashed potatoes! Chris: creamy mashed potatoes with butter and gravy are the best, followed by white breast meat and fresh rolls!

What dish will you say ‘pass’ to? Ellen: turnip or mincemeat pie. Lisa: actually, the turkey because I don’t eat meat; and that allows me to eat more mashed potatoes! Chris: sweet potatoes or stuffing.

Are you shopping on Thanksgiving? Brenda: no.  Ellen: no, usually that day is time spent with family. Lisa: maybe online after company leave.  Chris: no, I’ll be spending time with my family.

Are you a Turkey Fan, Ham Fan or Fan of Both? Brenda: definitely a turkey fan.  Ellen: turkey, turkey, turkey for Thanksgiving. Lisa: you forgot ‘neither’; I don’t eat meat. Chris: turkey.

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? Brenda: it will just be my husband and I this year.  We plan to run the local 5K “Turkey Trot” in the morning; then we’ll go to our neighbors house for dinner and at midnight, go Black Friday shopping!  Ellen: we are hosting at our house and then planning to watch the Green Bay Packer game.  Lisa: we are hosting Thanksgiving.  My family is coming up from Milwaukee and my husband’s parents are coming over from Warrens, WI. Chris: We will be having Thanksgiving dinner with family and then going to see a movie later in the afternoon.

Cream Cheese Pumpkin CakeCountry Cheeses SpreadsFigi's Pumpkin Cake Roll






What’s your Favorite Figi’s Thanksgiving Gift? Brenda: any of our desserts but my favorite is our Cream Cheese Pumpkin CakeEllen: just being able to spend time with family is what I consider my favorite gift.  Lisa: Creamy Country Cheese Spreads; I always purchase a few flavors. Chris: we like the Pumpkin Cake Roll.

My thanks to Brenda, Lisa, Ellen and Chris for sharing their stories with us. If you’d like to share your answers to my questions with the readers of, please share with us in the comments field below.  Thanks for reading our blog and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Memories: Grandma Gene’s Cranberry Salad

November is a personal favorite time of the year because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I have very fond memories of getting together with family at my Grandma Gene’s house. Her first name was actually Rogene, but she didn’t care for the name at all. We lived just a few blocks from her house in Illinois , so thankfully, the trip was quick. I can still recall how Grandma opened the door to let us in from the cold; we would be bathed in the warm, delicious air from her kitchen. Nothing ever smelled as good as Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving!  I remember how Grandma would greet us with kisses and hugs. I can recall wanting to eat right away…and wanting to eat a lot, but then having to wait until the appointed time. It felt like dinner time was never going to arrive; much the way it feels when waiting for springtime to arrive here in Wisconsin.

There was always a lot of great food, a lot of talking and laughter.  I remember how my mom would help Grandma with preparations and how they would chase us out of the kitchen; we were like vultures picking an nibbling on anything left out unguarded.  And though football would be on TV, I wasn’t very interested in watching football back then. I was more interested in playing the pinball machine in the basement; It was a “Roto Pool” machine just like the one shown.  We all had some good times around that machine on holidays; I so wish I had that machine in my basement.

When it was finally time for dinner, I recall there were too many people to fit around the kitchen table, so my brother and I (being the smallest) got to site at the ‘kid’s table’ which wasn’t really a table at all. There was a small alcove built into the kitchen wall; it had a small counter top on which sat small black and white TV, a telephone, some stationary and a calendar; it’s where the bills and other mail was collected.  That stuff was cleared off so my brother and I could sit (more like squish) together at the counter…facing the wall…and it’s where I had the best meal of the year!

Personally, my Thanksgiving meal has to have the following: brown and serve rolls, ham/ham gravy, dressing, pumpkin pie (lot’s of Cool-Whip) and my Grandma Gene’s Cranberry Salad.  This recipe went to my mom and then to me; I have been making this for Christmas and Thanksgiving for years. You probably haven’t heard of Cranberry Salad, and it’s not for everyone (it’s a unique mix of sweet and tart), but I’m going to share the recipe today in honor of Grandma Gene and all the memories this holiday has for me, and no doubt has for you, too.

  • 2 bags of fresh cranberries, washed and removing the soft berries
  • 2 one pint cartons of whipping cream
  • 1 cup of granulated cane sugar
  • 1 and a half  20 oz. cans of crushed pineapple – drained
  • 2 one lb. bags white miniature marshmallows
  1. Chill a mixing bowl and beater in freezer for  30 minutes
  2. Chop cranberries in a food processor to suit your taste (I like my pieces bigger, but it’s up to you)
  3. Whip the whipping cream in chilled bowl with chilled beaters until the whipping cream thickens
  4. Mix in berries, marshmallows, pineapple and sugar; stir completely
  5. Cover the bowl and chill in refrigerator overnight
  6. Serve and enjoy 🙂

I’ve heard some people who have alternatively added small apple chunks, pecans, or walnuts, but personally haven’t tried those variations. Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think of it in our comments field below. We’d love to hear from you!

PS: if you still need a Turkey, Ham, desserts of side dishes for Thanksgiving or Christmas, order from Figi’s today!

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A Happy Thanksgiving with Figi’s Pumpkin Classics!

Figi’s has some delicious pumpkin treats that our customers rave about. Here’s a review of the many pumpkin pie flavored Thanksgiving gifts that will be sure to please this holiday season!

Cream Cheese Pumpkin CakeCream Cheese Pumpkin Cake: I can tell you that many Figi’s employees LOVE this cake! If you like pumpkin, you have to try this gift for yourself.  Here’s a five-star product review from a Figi’s customer that sums up this Thanksgiving gift nicely: If you like pumpkins, this is the treat for you! It is the best pumpkin dessert I have ever tasted! The frosting is amazing and the cake is very rich! You can really taste the flavor of the pumpkin and of the cinnamon and other spices! It was so good I ordered a second one!”

Figi's Pumpkin Cake Roll Pumpkin Cake Roll: Let the good times ‘roll’! We’ve got pumpkin cake and generous layers of sweet cream cheese filling wrapped up together for a wonderful taste combination. This is a ‘can’t miss’ bakery gift for the pumpkin lover on your gift list. Speaking of cake rolls, be sure to check out the new Cookies and Cream Cake Roll and the ever-popular Chocolate Mint Cake Roll from Figi’s.

Spiced Pumpkin Candy GiftsSpiced Pumpkins: Unfortunately, these little guys just became unavailable…and too bad: they’re super-cute and very delicious! They were very popular around Halloween; you can see why! But the real proof is in the taste; be sure to try these next fall if you get a chance.


Figi's Pumpkin KringlePumpkin Kringle: Perfect for brunch or any time the pumpkin mood strikes, our Pumpkin Kringle has luscious pumpkin pie filling wrapped in flaky pastry layers; it’s lightly spiced and topped off with caramel icing and chopped pecans. We also have some other brunch gift ideas in our Brunch blog post here.

Figi's Pumpkin Maple CakePumpkin Maple Cake: this is a brand new, web exclusive gift you won’t find in your Figi’s catalog. This pumpkin flavored gift cake is rich, delicious and big enough for all your Thanksgiving guests! The moist pumpkin pie like batter is sweetened with a touch of maple that’s accented nicely by spiced cream cheese frosting and brown sugar streusel. This would also be a terrific dessert option for Christmas or any other special occasion where pumpkin connoisseurs are present.

Figi's Whoopie PiesPumpkin Whoopie Pies: Have you ever heard of Whoopie Pies? Apparently named for the reaction one gets when eating them (whoopie!), these little cakes are a big hit! We’ve got pumpkin, red velvet, and chocolate mini cakes filled with luscious white cream fluff. Some of the chocolate cakes have peppermint flavored fluff. Even if the name seems a little strange, these bakery gifts are yummy!

Do you have a pumpkin pie recipe you’d like to share with us? Please leave us a comment below; we’d love to hear from you.  You can also join the conversation on our  Facebook or Google+ pages. Thanks for reading!

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Enjoy a Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner – Hold the Turkey!

Great food, family, friends, football… everybody loves Thanksgiving, right? But what if you don’t really like turkey? No problem; Figi’s has a variety of smokehouse meat gifts and smoked sausages that bring a savory deliciousness to your gathering. Best of all, they’re so easy to prepare – just heat and eat! Check out some of our favorites:

Figi's Award Winning Spiral HamAward Winning Applewood Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham.  This is a favorite with our customers year after year, and we know why! The tender texture and rich, smoky, but not overpowering flavor… Delicious! This gift was a 2011 sofi Award winner; click here to learn more about sofi.

Figi's Prime RibBoneless Prime Rib Roast.  An absolute feast for the beef lover! This mouthwatering prime rib is full of flavor and tenderness. This roast was a big hit at our gathering, and we’re sure this smoked meat gift will be the highlight at your Thanksgiving table as well. As one Figi’s customer explained: “I have made two of these now and both were fantastic. Guests could not quit talking about this prime rib. Will be buying again and again!!!!”

Figi's Barbecue RibsSmoked Barbecue Ribs.  For hearty, meaty enjoyment, it’s hard to beat our Smoked Barbecue Ribs. They’re hickory smoked, seasoned just right, and the traditional sweetly tangy barbecue sauce complements them perfectly. So good… they practically fall of the bone!

Figi's Roast Duck and PheasantSmoked Pheasant.  Our juicy smoked pheasant delivers a delightful flavor that smoked meat fans especially enjoy.  It’s hardwood smoked and spiced with our special herb and spice blend. We love it! Here’s a customer review of our Pheasant gift: “I was a little standoffish about this item but it was really good. I never had pheasant when I was growing up and I certainly would recommend this to other people. VERY VERY GOOD.”

Figi's Sausage ShoppeSausage Shoppe.  Sausage for Thanksgiving? Yes! Figi’s smokehouse sausage is savory, satisfying, and it’s fun to sample the different sausage varieties. Whether you choose to set it out for appetizers, an alternative to the turkey, or make it the main entrée, your friends and family will enjoy slicing and sandwiching. Oh, and don’t forget the cheese!

There are more delicious choices for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner in Figi’s Smokehouse Meats. We hope you enjoy and we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Discover Figi’s Delicious Thanksgiving Dishes & Gift Baskets!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and like many of us, you are probably looking forward to an awesome feast to share with your family.  But if you’re not excited about spending all day in the kitchen, relax! Along with tender, tasty turkey and ham, we have easy, better-than-homemade, heat-and-eat side dishes, and treats that will make your Thanksgiving holiday delicious!

Figi's Green Bean CasseroleIt just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without Green Bean Casserole! This home-style classic is made with creamy mushroom sauce and the perfect spice blend.

Figi's Broccoli Rice and Cheese Side DishChoose our Broccoli, Rice & Cheese Side Dish as a flavorful alternative to potatoes.

Figi's Squash CasseroleSquash Casserole has a cheesy sauce and tender squash slices… Delicious!

Figi's Blueberry Bread CasseroleBlueberry Bread Pudding puts a new twist on a delicious tradition with berries in every bite!

Potato Share a sweet Thanksgiving tradition with our Sweet Potato Casserole… it’s so good, it’s like dessert in a side dish.

Figi's Baked Potato CasseroleBaked Potato Casserole delivers everything that’s wonderful about baked potatoes… sour cream, bacon bits, chives, and cheddar cheese!

Figi's Cornbread DressingThe Cornbread Dressing with its heartwarming, homemade taste is a tasty alternative to stuffing.

Figi's Macaroni and Cheese Side DishAnd our favorite new Thanksgiving tradition: add our old-fashioned creamy Macaroni & Cheese to your Thanksgiving table. Everybody loves it!

If you will be dining at the home of a friend or family member this Thanksgiving, you might consider bringing a gift basket or gift box to share. They’re great hostess gifts – and everyone gets to enjoy!

Figi's Bountiful Harvest Gift BasketOur Bountiful Harvest Gift Basket is a distinctive choice with a variety of sweet and savory snacks! Truffle Cookies, Chocolate Fudge, Cheese and Sausage are some of the highlights.

Figi's Personalized Sunshine BasketOur Personalized Sunshine Gift Basket brightens the day with everlasting sunflowers and great treats, including tea, cookies, soup, cheese and crackers, and more!

Figi's Woodsy Snack BasketThe Woodsy Snack Basket delivers savory, satisfying choices: Beef Sticks and Sausages, Wisconsin Cheese, Crackers, Snack Mixes and more. The snackers on your gift list will thank you!

We hope you enjoy these terrific gift baskets and side dishes.  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Over the River and Through the Woods…

I read last night that AAA projects 43.4 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend; The Thanksgiving holiday travel period is defined as Wednesday, Nov. 27 to Sunday, Dec. 1. 43.4 million is a 1.5 percent decrease from the estimated 44 million people who traveled last year. The article goes on to say AAA attributes the slight decline in expected Thanksgiving travelers this year to ongoing economic uncertainty.

How far will you be traveling from home for Thanksgiving this year?

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Check out Figi’s Gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas here.


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Figi’s Way Back Wednesday – Third Edition

Way Back Wednesday Gift Basket
Welcome to our Way Back Wednesday Deal for November 20th 2013!

On “Way Back Wednesdays”, we offer you sensational savings on customer favorite gifts that have stood the test of time.  These gifts made their debut in our catalog anywhere from 15 to 50 years ago. Here’s a look back at our previous Way Back Wednesday Gift Baskets.

Here’s some more information on today’s Way Back Wednesday Deal: Festive Favorites Gift Assortment

Looking for a great gift basket idea to send to friends, family and coworkers this holiday season? Festive Favorites Gift Assortment is specially priced today only and while supplies last!.  You get ten snack sized portions of Wisconsin Cheese along with Figi’s savory Smokehouse Summer Sausages. The gift also includes a tempting assortment of chocolates, delicious Creme de Menthe and Chocolate Cake Tortes, a Shortbread Cookie and Marmalade! Order yours today from!


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There’s Still Time to Order for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Free Express Shipping UpgradeWe have a Free Express Shipping Upgrade* available for a limited time – act fast to get your Pumpkin Pie flavored gifts, Thanksgiving Turkey, Holiday Ham or any other delicious gifts from Figi’s Gifts in Good Taste. Click here to start shopping:

*To receive a Free Express Shipping Upgrade, you must enter the Source Code 072/8015 and request Thanksgiving delivery and Express Shipping when you place an order by Noon CT on 11/22/13. Standard Shipping charges will apply. Offer does not apply to floral gifts, gift certificates, special shipping and handling charges or sales tax. This offer cannot be used on past orders or for payment of any previous credit balance, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, free offer, or discount. Offer is not valid on Rush Shipping.


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Figi’s New Gifts Spotlight (Part 1)

Our team of merchants and buyers are always on the lookout for new and exciting gift ideas for you and your loved ones. We also appreciate gift ideas from you. In fact, we have three opportunities for you to submit product ideas running right now. We’re looking for ideas for our next Creamy Country Cheese Spread flavor, our 2014 Christmas Ornament and our 2014 Collectible Barn. Here are a few new gifts we’re really excited about, and we’ll introduce more new gifts in future posts, so stay tuned to

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Cake1. Cream Cheese Pumpkin Cake: This is an employee favorite and whenever a sample of this cake is available here, it goes quickly! This is a super-moist cake, full of rich pumpkin cake flavor, topped with delicious cheese frosting that’s infused with a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. The cake’s topping is delicious caramel with toasted pumpkin seeds for a truly distinctive fall treat.

 S'mores Petits Fours2. S’mores Petits Fours: S’mores products are all the rage lately and we’re very excited to offer you S’mores Petits Fours this fall. Several employees were able to sample this gift recently and we heard many positive reviews!  These are fun, snack-sized cakes that offer the taste of s’mores, without the fuss and mess of making s’mores! This gift has rich chocolate icing, tasty marshmallow filling and graham cracker flavored cake! They’d make a perfect gift for a s’more lover and will bring out the kid in everyone! Click here to see all Figi’s s’more gifts

 Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries3. Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: We’ve had a lot of interest in chocolate covered strawberries in the past year. Our first version of this gift sold very well for Christmas and Valentines Day and we’re proud to offer a new version for you this fall. These chocolate covered strawberries are the same jumbo-sized, delicious, but with a new twist: they’re drizzled with red, white and green icing making for a perfect Christmas gift presentation! As always, this irresistible gift is an elegant way to celebrate a holiday, party, or say ‘thank you!’.  Figi’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries are available in 6 count and 12 count varieties.

 Butter Bite Christmas Cookies4. Butter Bite Christmas Cookies: Figi’s sells a lot of cookies, especially Christmas cookies and we think these new treats will be popular too! These delightful cookies have it all! They’re a crunchy sugar cookie with loads of butter flavor, covered in thick and creamy confection. Then we top them off with sweet candy sprinkle fun. 

 Cookies 'n Cream Cake Roll5. Cookies n’ Cream Cake Roll: Many of you are familiar with our very popular Chocolate Mint and our Pumpkin Cake Rolls; they’re both big hits every fall! This fall, we’ve added a Cookies n’ Cream Cake Roll to the family! This moist and fudgy cake roll is a delicate sheet of dark chocolate cake, rolled around a generous layer of creamy white filling, blanketed in rich chocolate ganache. We then sprinkle the roll with crushed cookie crumbs! This new gift  would make a terrific Christmas gift for anyone who loves cookies and cream!

 In an upcoming post, we’ll review five more new gifts from Figi’s. Which one of the five above gifts would you be most likely to try? Vote now!

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Start ‘Spreading’ the News…I’m Eating (Figi’s Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads) Today!

Figi's Cheese Spreads

I’d like to think Frank Sinatra would have loved Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads; at least I’d hope he wouldn’t have minded me taking a few liberties with his song 🙂  In today’s blog, you’ll discover delicious & easy Figi’s Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads recipes and learn how you can help us create a new Cheese Spread flavor!

Nearly everyone loves cheese spreads; they’re our top-selling gift and they’re one of our favorite treats, too! It’s hard to beat the great taste of Figi’s award-winning Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads. After all, they’re made with fine Wisconsin’s cheese, and true to their name, they’re soooooo creamy! We have fifteen flavors available including Cheddar Bacon, Cool Ranch, Port Wine, French Onion and the NEW Smokey Cheddar! Reduced fat versions include Cheddar, Swiss and Almond and Garden Vegetable. These terrific spreads are great with your favorite fruits, crackers, and sausages and are available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. varieties.

Maybe you already knew that, and maybe you already knew these are one of Figi’s “Buy More – Save More” gifts, making them a great value…but did you know the ancient pyramids were a mistake? Oops…wrong topic, but thanks and GEICO for the video.

Anyway… did you know our spreads are very versatile and can be incorporated into many different recipes? We’ve included a few easy, cheesy Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads recipes below:

Better Than BLTs: The classic Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich with a power-boost of cheddar and bacon flavor! Ingredients and directions: create your favorite BLT, replace the mayonnaise with Figi’s Creamy Country® Cheddar Bacon Cheese Spread and Voila! You have a Better Than BLT Sandwich!

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs: These eggs are fluffy, cheesy… delicious! Ingredients and directions: 4 Eggs, Milk, Garden Vegetable Creamy Country® Cheese Spread (or your favorite variety).  Coat a skillet with a little olive oil and heat it up. Scramble eggs and milk, and add to skillet. Stir eggs, flipping and scraping the pan to prevent burning. Heat Creamy Country® Spread in a microwave safe bowl in microwave for 10 seconds and pour over cooked eggs, or add cheese spread to the skillet when the eggs are almost done.

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms: A tasty party starter! Ingredients and directions: 24 medium mushroom caps, 8 oz. Creamy Country® Roasted Garlic Spread, 3 tbsp. bread crumbs. Preheat oven to 375°F. Place mushroom caps, hollow side up, on a buttered baking sheet. Fill each cap with 2 tsps. of the Garlic Spread, and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake 12-15 minutes. Serve hot. Makes 24 appetizers.

Cheese Dip Sandwich: A delicious hot sandwich for chilly winter days! Ingredients and directions: slices of your favorite bread or sandwich roll, your favorite Creamy Country® Cheese Spread, shaved roast beef, ham, turkey, etc.  Preheat oven to 375°. Place both halves of the sandwich on a baking sheet and layer one half with shaved meat. Coat the other half with a layer of Cheese Spread. Bake for 3-5 minutes until cheese is bubbly and bread begins to brown. Add green peppers and onions if desired.

Yes, Figi’s Creamy Country® Cheese Spreads are yummy and very versatile! We hoped you enjoyed our serving suggestions and recipes. We have a lot more recipes available on our recipes page at; click here to see them.  Please let us know if you try them out; we’d love to hear from you. Also, if you have any recipe ideas based on our spreads, please share them with us as well.  Join the conversation in the Reply field below or on our  Facebook or Google+ pages.

We’re also working on ideas for our next NEW flavor of Creamy Country® Cheese Spread. You can suggest a flavor idea here on our Cheese Spreads page at – we’d love to see your suggestion!

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