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Let Them Know They Are Loved – Figi’s Fall Gift Basket Ideas

Personalized Grand Impressions Gift Basket from Figi's

Gift Baskets From Figi’s

Figi’s is well-known for its gift baskets; we have a wide-variety of baskets for every season and occasion.  I thought we give you a quick overview of some of our fall-themed gift baskets available now.  They’re a great way to show your loved-ones how much you care during this season of ‘thanks.’  Gift baskets from Figi’s also make great gifts for other people you’re ‘thankful’ for: co-workers, business associates, teachers and neighbors, for example.  You could even bring a a Figi’s gift basket to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner!

Cheese and Meat Gift Baskets:  we have dozens of meat and cheese gift baskets to choose from! Many Figi’s gift baskets combine snack-sized cheeses and meats with snacks, candy, chocolate, nut mix, crackers and more! And many of our gift baskets can be personalized with your special greeting.  Figi’s has the perfect combination of Wisconsin cheese and savory sausages for everyone on your gift list this fall!

Personalized Heartland Buffet Gift Basket from Figi'sPersonalized Heartland Buffet: a wide-variety of Wisconsin’s finest cheeses, sausages and snacks – delivered in a beautiful wire gift basket.  Mixed nuts and our signature beef sticks make for a well-rounded gift basket that almost anyone would enjoy.  Figi’s adds your personalized message, imprinted on the elegant red ribbon, for that ‘extra touch’ of love.

Personalized Grand Impressions Gift Basket from Figi'sPersonalized Grand Impressions Gift Basket: talk about making a ‘grand impression!’ This meat and cheese gift basket is loaded with over 4 pounds of delicious treats: sausages, beef sticks, Wisconsin cheeses, pepper crackers and Figi’s Signature Kave Kure® Cheddar Cheese Spread. But that’s not all; we’ve included gourmet popcorn, mixed nuts, cookies, caramel peanut clusters and chocolate hazelnut Lindor truffles! This gift basket would make a great gift for a family, a company outing or a corporate gift for a business partner – and you can personalize the ribbon with your own special message.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets: We have a few fall-themed Thanksgiving gifts that would be perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration with loved-ones. Let’s take a closer look at a couple popular choices.

Autumn Abundance Gift Basket from Figi'sAutumn Abundance Gift Box: a new and very successful gift for us last year, this Thanksgiving gift box is loaded with Figi’s favorites, adorned in a nice autumn package. Snack sized sausages and cheeses, cake tortes and foiled leaf-shaped chocolates deliver a true fall feast!

Fall-icious Snacks Gift Basket from Figi'sFall-icious Snacks Gift Box: our fall sampler delivers the snack size treats your friends or family will love! We’ve packed in 18 sweet and savory choices: summer
sausages, assorted Wisconsin cheeses, creamy cheddar cheese spread, cake tortes, honey roasted peanuts and much more!

Gift Baskets for Women: how about a nice gift basket for the special lady in your life? Pamper your mom, sister or spouse with a ‘thank you!’ gift from Figi’s! As temperatures continue to drop, a nice coffee gift basket would really come in handy to warm the heart and soul!

Personalized Coffee Break Gift Basket from Figi'sPersonalized Coffee Break Gift Basket: wow – does that look good! It’s the ultimate coffee break! Our gourmet coffees include Breakfast Blend, Special House Blend, and Mocha Java. These coffees are nicely paired with chocolate chip shortbread, shortbread fingers, chocolate covered coffee beans, foil wrapped chocolate stars and creamy Black Forest petits fours.  We also include a personalized red ribbon to wrap up an ideal coffee gift for your special lady!

Personalized Celebrate Each Moment Mug from Figi'sPersonalized Celebrate Each Moment Mug:  technically not a gift basket, but this gift for her is a Figi’s exclusive reminding someone special to live life to the fullest as she starts each day.  She’ll love having her name on this mug which brims with Lindt chocolate truffles, a Belgian chocolate cookie, and Chocolate Supreme Cocoa. Specify up to 10 characters to add a name, and up to 10 characters to add “from” names to the back of the mug.

Gift Baskets for Men:  Thanksgiving time sometimes corresponds with hunting season in certain parts of the country.  Send your guy off to the woods with some ‘survival snacks’ from Figi’s  And there’s always football on TV several times a week at this time of year.  And where there’s football, there’s a need for football party snacks.  Figi’s can help you find the perfect snacks for your guy! Here are some unique gift baskets for men:

Macho Man Gift Basket from Figi'sMacho Man Gift Basket: a nice assortment of beer nuts, pretzel bites, dipping mustard and snack-sized cuts of Figi’s famous sausage! There are enough tasty snacks to last the whole game! The beer mug will come in handy as he relaxes with his favorite beverage.  It’s all wrapped up in a classy black basket and “#1 Guy” ribbon.

Woodsy Snack Basket from Figi'sWoodsy Snack Basket: savory Figi’s sausages, plus beef sticks and assorted snack-sized cheeses! Stone wheat crackers, dipping mustard, mixed nuts with and white cheddar popcorn are all included in a rustic faux birch bark basket!

Share with us in the Comments below or join the conversation on Facebook & Google+.  Thanks again for reading our blog; we’ll be back soon with more Thanksgiving gift and dinner ideas!

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My Birthday with the President

Figi's catalog

Figi’s Gifts in Good Taste Catalog 1996

What’s a 1996 edition of the Figi’s catalog have to do with “My Birthday with the President” you ask?  Well, we will get to that, I promise.  It should also be pointed out this story isn’t about my personal birthday, nor does this involve the current President.  Curious, isn’t it?

I have had a lot of fun researching company history as part of our 70th Anniversary celebration this year. I love most any kind of  history and trivia and so I was eager to review as much Figi’s ‘nostalgia’ as I could.  Reviewing old photos, news clippings, marketing materials and ’employee newsletters’ gave me a new insight and connection to our company.  I was really interested in learning more about the people who helped shape Figi’s over these 70 years, especially our founder, John Figi. I never met Mr. Figi, but he’s a legend around here.  Our company still bears his name 70 years after he founded it; Mr. Figi retired 32 years ago and it has been 13 years since his passing.

Even though Mr. Figi had retired as President of Figi’s in 1982, he still kept ties with the company he started back in 1944.  One example of his ongoing connection was an article he authored for the January/February 1997 edition of our “Figi’s Facts” employee newsletter.  It’s a fun short story about a golf game Mr. Figi had with former president Gerald Ford; a birthday present for Mr. Figi arranged by his son, Todd.  So where does the catalog fit in…? You’ll see.  Here are some excerpts from Mr. Figi’s short story; I hope you enjoy it:)

A Birthday to remember: golfing with President Ford

By John Figi

The Fords live just a few miles away (from my home in California) so it was convenient for (President Ford) and his Secret Service personnel (to meet me).  At 11:30 AM, two Secret Service people arrived to check out the club house and immediate area. At noon, President Ford arrived accompanied by two more Secret Service men. I was told he has protective service 24 hours a day, drawing from a pool of twelve people.

President Ford and I are about the same age (he is 83) and it was my birthday. We rode in the same golf cart. Two of the Secret Service Agents rode in a gold cart always 50 yards behind us.  We made a $2.00 bet on our game.  After nine holes, we stopped for lunch at the club house and split a sandwich; neither of us was very hungry.  I took sandwiches to the Secret Service agents who stayed outside the club house.  I said, “You guys will be taking off those Khaki vests very soon.” It was over 80 degrees outside.  An agent said, “No way, you would not believe the hardware we have in these jackets!”

After we finished our round, I paid the $2.00 wager I lost and invited President Ford to our home  and he graciously accepted.  We visited for about a half hour while the Secret Service stood guard outside. (My wife) Irene asked if we could have a photo with him…I handed him a Figi’s catalog…I hope you noticed it in the photo.

John and Irene Figi with President Ford 1997

President Ford is a fine, down-to-earth person and a good golf competitor.  Even though I lost $2.00, I enjoyed my birthday treat!

We’ll be back soon with some Thanksgiving and Christmas gift giving tips for you.  We’ll also have a post regarding an upcoming promotion to support our troops overseas.

Do you have a favorite Figi’s memory you’d like to share? Share with us in the Comments below or join the conversation on Facebook & Google+.  Thanks again for reading our blog; we’ll be back soon with more helpful tips on holiday gift giving!

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