Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms are just the best, aren’t they? From changing your diapers to teaching life lessons, moms really do it all. With Mother’s Day coming up fast, we know we’re all thinking about Mother’s Day gift ideas. While you can’t give her something quite as grand as her giving you life (seriously, thanks Mom), you can give her some amazing Mother’s Day gifts to show her how much you love and appreciate her. We are all about gift baskets here at Figi’s, and Mother’s Day is no different. Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift baskets that we know your mom will love.

#5: Figi’s Mom’s Coffee & Sweets Gift Basket

Figi's Mom's Coffee & Sweets Gift Basket

If your mom loves coffee and sweets, this Mother’s Day basket is a no brainer. This bundle of love has delicious hazelnut vanilla coffee, petits fours, foiled chocolate hearts and mini butter cookies. On top off all of the sweets, this basket includes a lovely “Happy Mother’s Day” mug, a gold tone “Mom” pin, and a loving card. Cue: happy tears.

#4: Figi’s Mother’s Day Birdhouse Planter & Treats

Figi’s Mother's Day Birdhouse Planter & Treats

Scrumptious strawberry crème pretzels, peanut caramel clusters, and delightful flower shaped sugar cookies fill this Mother’s Day basket. But unlike other more traditional baskets, these goodies you’ll give her are nestled in an adorable birdhouse planter. Once all of the treats are gone, your mom can plant flowers in the wood base of this teal birdhouse. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

#3: Figi’s Lavender Sky Bath

Figi’s Lavender Sky Bath

While sweets are always a great gift, sometimes all mom wants to celebrate is a little pampering. She will love this Mother’s Day basket filled with pampering treasures. This gift of lavender scented shower gel, lotion, and body mist is the perfect way to say “Thank you, Mom.”

#2: Figi’s “You Are My Sunshine” Mother’s Day Basket

Figi’s 'You Are My Sunshine' Mother's Day Basket

Let your mom know how much of a light in your life she is with Figi’s “You Are My Sunshine” gift basket. This Mother’s Day basket is bursting with sunny colors, and delightful sweets. You’ll find a variety of refreshing Mother’s Day candy and a yummy sunshine sugar cookie in this amazing gift basket.

#1: Figi’s Sugar Free Candy Mother’s Day Basket

Figi’s Sugar Free Candy Mother's Day Basket

Are you looking for sugar free options for edible Mother’s day gifts? Look no further. Figi’s Sugar Free Candy Basket is the perfect blend of sugar free and no sugar added Mother’s Day candy for your mom. From sugar free chocolate assortment to hard candies and more, your mom will love the treats and thought behind this gift. These candies are so good she won’t even notice there isn’t any sugar added (probably because she is sweet enough already). Also make sure to check out Figi’s Sugar Free Baked Goods gift basket if you’re looking for even more sugar free options.

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