Edible Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

As the famous author Anne Geddes once said, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day season with some delicious edible Father’s Day gifts from Figi’s. We have a wide variety of Father’s Day meat gifts, gourmet nut gifts, and cheese gifts perfect for this special occasion. Check out some of our amazing Dad’s day gifts that your funny, caring, dad-joke telling Father will adore (almost as much as he adores you.) Order now and get your Father’s Day gifts delivered just in time for Dad’s special day.

#5: Figi’s Grilling Combo Pack

Grilling Combo Pack

Get ready for the easiest math equation ever: Dad + Grill + Figi’s Grilling Meat Combo Pack = One Happy Dad. We all know Dads are obsessed with grilling, so give the man something to feed his obsession (and his stomach). Your Dad will totally flip over receiving this grill combo pack full of juicy meats he can flip to perfection. When it comes to meat gifts for Dad, this is a no brainer.

#4: Figi’s Butter Toffee Pistachios

Figi's Butter Toffee Pistachios

Figi’s Butter Toffee Pistachios are so delicious – or maybe we should say, nut-licious. Covered in delectable toffee, these nuts are crunchy as can be. This yummy gourmet nut gift is the perfect combination of sweet and nutty (kind of like Dad.) Once he eats them all, we’re sure he’ll be shouting “oh, NUTS!”

#3: Figi’s Beer Bratwurst

Figi's Beer Bratwurst

Here’s a Dad joke for you: “I hate jokes about sausages. They’re just the wurst.” With that said, these brats are no joking matter. Figi’s delicious beer brats are known for their rich flavor and firm, juicy texture. If you’re looking for father’s day gift ideas, this one is sure to MEAT all of your requirements.

#2: Figi’s Favorite Cheese Six-Pack

Figi’s Favorite Cheese Six-Pack

Cheese is amazing, seriously, how can you disa-brie? If you think your Dad can be cheesy at times, then you feta believe he is going to love this cheese-tastic Father’s Day gift. Six different types of cheeses to fuel his all of his cheese puns. The best things really do come in six packs. Want to know what Dad will say when he gets this gift? “Thank you! You curd not have gotten me a better Father’s Day gift.” “Gouda one, Dad. That cheese joke was very mature.”

#1: Figi’s White Cheddar Popcorn

Figi's White Cheddar Popcorn

Speaking of cheesy, check out Figi’s delicious White Cheddar Popcorn! Crunchy, salty, and dusted with yummy white cheddar, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Popcorn is an all-time classic and a perfect anytime snack – and that includes Father’s Day. Make sure to let your POPS know how much you love and appreciate him with some amazing Father’s Day popcorn.

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