Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide 2016: Wisconsin Dells Waterparks

What is Wisconsin Dells?

Located in southern Wisconsin, the town of Wisconsin Dells is characterized by stunning rock formations surrounding the Wisconsin River, carved by thousands of years of giant glacial floods. The natural beauty of the land has made “the Dells” a popular family vacation destination for over 150 years. In recent years, however, the area has become renowned for its world-class waterparks, earning it the title of “Waterpark Capital of the World”.

Wisconsin Dells

Where should I stay in Wisconsin Dells?

Like any popular summer destination, Wisconsin Dells is full of tourist traps. Make sure you aren’t left with an empty wallet by going to the following locations, and by paying attention to these money saving tips!

Prior to going to anywhere in Wisconsin Dells, check online for discounts; you’ll be sure to find some wallet friendly deals. Many of the local hotels like Kalahari and Mt. Olympus offer free park access with their rooms, and other local hotels offer discounts as well. The real savvy traveler can save some moolah by camping at one of the state parks nearby, or by staying in nearby Baraboo.

What are popular things to do in Wisconsin Dells?

Noah’s Ark Water Park

With over 50 waterslides and 80 family activities, Noah’s Ark takes the crown as the largest water park in America. Widely regarded as one of the top resorts for kids, this is a must-do for families. State law prohibits food from being brought into the park, and Noah’s takes advantage with cringe-worthy snack pricing. Show off your tourist-savviness by either packing some cheesy bacon popcorn or yummy nut mix in the car for a quick snack before diving back in to conquer the wave pool. Also, just outside of the waterpark is a picnic area where you can bring lunch and snacks before going into the park. There is re-entry at the park. Make sure you get your hand stamped before leaving, otherwise they won’t let you back in!

Already been to Noah’s Ark Water Park? Try out one of Wisconsin Dells other water parks like Mount Olympus or Kalahari Resort.

Original Duck Tours

Take a brief respite from the cacophony of the water parks by experiencing what drove tourists to Wisconsin Dells in the first place; the Dells. While there are jet boats and cruises available, neither can operate on land and sea like Wisconsin’s famous duck boats! Navigate through the Dells’ lush forests, gorgeous canyons, and famous landmarks with your family. Being on the water can make a person hungry and a speeding boat can make it tricky to eat, so be the savior of the trip by bringing along some Figi’s delicious Virginia Peanuts as the ultimate salty snack!

Devil’s Lake State Park

Who said you needed to be at a water park to enjoy the water? Just as popular as the water parks are the gorgeous vistas of Devil’s Lake State Park in nearby Baraboo. With 500 foot cliffs overlooking massive Devil’s Lake, you really have all you need. Add in kayaking, fishing, beach volleyball, and charcoal grills, and you’ve achieved summer nirvana. Become everyone’s best friend with the grilling combo pack from Figi’s, because nothing shouts summer like the sizzle of juicy brats on a grill!

Devil's Lake State Park

The Bottom Line:

Wisconsin Dells is a beautiful place, but the prices can add up. Don’t get stuck spending hundreds at water park snack shops by planning ahead and snagging these trip essentials:

Figi's Delicious Mixed Nuts

Figi's Cheesy Bacon Popcorn

Figi's Grilling Combo Pack

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