How to Give the Best Thanksgiving Host Gifts

Why Should I Bring the Host a Thanksgiving Gift?

If you’re asking this question to yourself right now, we’re betting that you’ve never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner party before. The Thanksgiving hostess is the personification of patience and preparation. There’s the endless planning, the ceaseless cooking, and, of course, trying to organize everyone’s travel. It’s a small wonder one of the most popular Thanksgiving hostess gifts is a bottle of wine. Chances are, though, that your host or hostess will have enough bottles by the end of the night to last them quite some time, so read on for some thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas that they’re sure not to forget.

Important Do’s and Don’ts for a Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Nobody likes to be “that person” at the party, so follow these etiquette tips to remain in the hostess’ good graces:

  • ALWAYS ask before bringing a dish for the Thanksgiving meal.
    • We’re sure your apple pie is to die for, but bringing a dish to a Thanksgiving meal without asking beforehand is the cardinal sin of holiday parties. Always ask the hostess if they need you to bring anything, and if not, bring a gift that can be enjoyed at a later date.

  • Bring your own serving dishes and Tupperware
    • The hostess has enough on her mind. Make sure you bring your own stuff, and ALWAYS remember to bring a serving spoon.

  • DO NOT bring something that requires cooking or a refrigerator
    • Usually the kitchen of the hostess resembles a press conference after a football game (sheer chaos). Be the hostess’ best friend by bringing something that’s ready to eat and won’t take up any more of the highly coveted refrigerator or oven space.

What Are Some Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gifts for the Hostess?

Oftentimes, the hostess has been pulling off some holiday miracles and won’t need help with dinner. If this is the case, show your appreciation by giving her a thoughtful token of thanks. Our favorites are these beautiful bird salt & pepper shakers. This is a nice token of gratitude that the host can use right away if needed (who ever has enough salt shakers at a party?), or save for next year.

Chances are, the hostess is going to have enough leftover food for another Thanksgiving meal entirely. It’s definitely best not to bring a thank you gift that should be eaten right away. Some tasty peanut brittle is a great no-fuss gift that can be enjoyed long after Thanksgiving.

Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers
Figi's Peanut Brittle

Is It a Good Idea to Bring Breakfast to Thanksgiving?

Breakfast is never a bad idea, especially after Thanksgiving! The hostess has probably been so busy with planning the dinner that they forgot to think about breakfast. Whether they are having people stay at their house or just hosting for the day, some almond custard coffee cake or cherry ribbon pastry is a great gift that is sure to be appreciated the next morning. If you really want to wow them, bring over the waffle and sausage combo, because, honestly, who can say no to the smell of waffles and sausage in the morning?

 Figi's Almond Custard Coffee Cake
Figi's Cherry Ribbon Pastry
Figi's Sausage & Waffle Combo

Give Thanks!

Regardless of the gift you choose, make sure to write your Thanksgiving dinner host or hostess a handwritten note thanking them for the effort they put forth to make this holiday memorable. A thoughtful note will last long past the last piece of turkey or slice of apple pie. From all of us at Figi’s, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


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