The Unique Christmas Gift Baskets Everyone’s Really Been Wanting

If There Were a Thirteenth day of Christmas, Give Them What They Really Want – a Christmas Gift Basket

Besides the fact that whomever it was that gave all these gifts to their true love had an unlimited budget (FIVE golden rings), probably owned a farm (the first eight days are all animals), and had their own personal set of performers, they definitely did not realize what their true love probably wanted all along – food. Not many have the stamina to make it through four whole days of watching ten lords a’leaping and listening to twelve drummers drumming. That’s enough to make anyone want to ditch a day and hangout on the couch watching Netflix with chocolate and some snacks.

Luckily, we thought of adding a thirteenth day of Christmas. This is a day your recipient can have to themselves with our selection of Christmas food gifts and unique gift baskets.

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…Thirteen Holiday Treat Carousels

Chocolate Carousel with chocolate, toffee, and peanut butter Holiday Favorites Carousel with Cashews, Mixed, Nuts, and Candies 12 Candies of Christmas

Day thirteen would consist of English butter toffee, peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookie dough bites – all found in our Chocolate Carousel. For something a little more unique, our 12 Candies of Christmas tin contains tasty Lemon Drops, rock candy, ribbon candy and more. Once they indulge in two or three of these delicious tins filled with their favorite candies and treats, they will for sure want to sleep the rest of the day away. How’s that for an exciting Christmas gift?

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…Thirteen Wisconsin Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets

The Holiday Feast Gift Box is a variety pack filled with delicious cheese, meats, and spreads. We've mixed sweet with savory in the Chocolate Greetings Gift Box The A+ Snack Selection has 10 treats, sure to delight anyone

As a best seller on our list nearly every year, the Holiday Feast Gift Box is one of many Wisconsin meat and cheese Christmas gift baskets they could never say no to. Cheddar cheese, pepper cheese, and Monterey jack are among the many types of Wisconsin cheeses you’ll find this year in our selection of unique Christmas gift baskets. For something a little sweeter to go along with the delicious meats and cheeses, check out our Chocolate Greetings Gift Box or the A+ Snack Selection which include a variety of chocolates and sweet treats.

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…Thirteen Nut and Snack Gifts

Cheesy Dip and Crunchy treats for dipping come in this delicious snack gift Santa's Trail Mix includes mixed nuts and chocolate covered treats Chocolate covered pretzels are a delightful treat and some are covered in sprinkles!

It is well known that anything in a tin will be gone fast. There’s something about a festively decorated container holding all the snacks that makes your gift recipient appreciate it more and think, “these have to be gone before the end of December”. Also, a tin filled with healthy nuts, like cashews and almonds, means they won’t feel terrible after spending all day snacking. But, if you are going to give something sweet, there’s nothing more satisfying than a tin full of milk chocolate covered pretzels.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift giving guide this year, Happy Holidays!

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