Fun and Creative Activities to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Dedicate the Day to Doing What She Loves

If you’re wracking your brain trying to come up with a million different ideas for what to do on Mother’s Day, a word of advice – don’t overthink it. Moms spend so much time looking out for everyone else, making sure that all is accounted for and everything is running smoothly. Somehow they manage to remember every nitty gritty detail, all while keeping up with the countless school activities, play dates, soccer practices and little league games. And she does this all so flawlessly and consistently, as though it’s second nature to her. Which is why it’s so important to always appreciate the amazing things she does and give her proper recognition for routinely, and readily, keeping everything on track. And with the constant hustle and bustle of the day to day, it’s no surprise that the best gift you could give her is a day spent enjoying the simple pleasures in life. So, without stressing about how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, simply consider her favorite things to do for fun and dedicate the day to doing that.

Prepare a Picnic in the Park

Mother’s Day conveniently falls in spring, one of the most beautiful and scenic seasons of the year, making it ideal to include an outdoor activity in the day’s plan. Nothing promotes a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind quite like spending time outside, soaking up some sun, unwinding under a tree and taking in the refreshing sounds of nature. Pamper mom with a planned picnic, providing the perfect way to enjoy a pleasant day in the park. Remember to pack the essentials, such as sunscreen, park games, a picnic blanket, basket, and a few favorite snacks and items for lunch. It’s important to pick elements that can be eaten and enjoyed with ease while sitting on a picnic blanket. A classic cheese and cracker combo is always a reliable recommendation, made even easier when you opt for a soft spreadable cheese or a buttery block of baby swiss. Bring along your favorite box of crackers to pair, and for an extra superior snack, snag some savory sausage or smokehouse meats to top off the gourmet picnic. Mom will be thrilled with the tranquil treatment of being able to enjoy quality time away from the chaos and commotion of everyday life.

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Host a Brunch

Moms seem to almost always assume the role of the host for every occasion, holiday and dinner party. However, this is no easy task and can be extremely exhausting. This Mother’s Day, takeover her role and surprise her with something special. The best start to any Mother’s Day is to spoil her by letting her sleep in, a seemingly foreign concept to most moms. While she enjoys some much needed and well deserved z’s, fetch the rest of the family to help pitch in with the plan to produce the perfect brunch. She’ll be blown away with the surprise feast to start the day. Ensure a complete brunch spread delivery with a full selection of scrambled eggs, mouthwatering meats, popular pastries, baked breads, fresh fruit and her favorite juice. Most importantly, make sure to get a fresh pot of hot coffee ready for as soon as she wakes up.

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Reserve Some Time for R&R Relief

Give her some time to rest and recover this Mother’s Day with a well-deserved day that’s dedicated to doting on her. Schedule a serene spa session or a mellow massage to help her relax and rejuvenate. Her unwavering devotion and constant support for everyone else deserves to be returned with equal recognition, and what better way than to spoil her with something special. Extend her spa relaxation and recovery time with some gifts and goodies that continue to pamper her post treatment. Light some candles, draw her a warm bubble bath and top it off with a few perfect products to keep her mind at ease and peace.

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Make it Memorable for Mom

Whatever the activity of choice ends up being for the day, make sure it’s one that will be most meaningful and memorable for mom. There aren’t many days dedicated to celebrating her and it’s important to take full advantage of every moment to return the selflessness and thoughtfulness that she bestows on everyone else, every single day. Shower her with special surprises, fill the day with her favorite fun things to do, give her sweet gifts and goodies, and above all, show her how much she’s loved and appreciated, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.

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