Fun Father’s Day Activities that Dad Will Love

Design the Day Around Dad

Father’s Day is only a few short weeks away, making now the ideal time to begin preparing any plans for the perfect day. From the moment we’re born, dads have proven to be our biggest advocates, mentors, coaches, and heroes. He’s the person who teaches us some of the most important and valuable life lessons, and the man we measure most everyone else against. This year, make Father’s Day special with activities that are unique and memorable from years past. And fortunately for you, Figi’s has put together a few favorite Father’s Day ideas for every kind of dad. So, no matter how old or young, tall or short, quiet or loud, all you need to do is find the best fit for your dad and devote the day to doing the things he loves most.

Gear Up to Go Golfing

With Father’s Day taking place in the warm sunshiny days of summer, it’s an excellent excuse to get out on the green for a round of golf with Dad. Help bring out his inner golf guru with a surprise supply of the latest gear to get him game ready. Giving gifts related to your pre-arranged activity is always extra exciting, as it communicates the careful consideration that went into coordinating the day. He’ll love the valuable time together, and will cherish the company (as well as a little competition) out on the course. Don’t forget to snag some shareable snacks for the fairway to help sustain stamina and keep your A-game strong. Pick up some protein-packed pecans, peanuts and pistachios, as well as an assortment of other nutritious nuts, to provide the perfect packable snacks. We also suggest stocking up on your favorite fruits from this all-inclusive collection of delicious dried fruit.

Snack on dried fruits Fresh fruits are a healthy snack perfect for sharing Share a pecan gift with someone you love

Fuel His Fancy for Fishing

Another favorite foolproof Father’s Day activity for the whole family is to go on a fun filled fishing trip. It’s undeniable that Dad is one of the hardest workers and go-getters you’ve ever met, tirelessly ensuring that every end is always met and everyone’s needs accounted for. Spending the day free of his usual frustrations and stresses is just what Dad needs to feel refreshed. He’ll love the invaluable bonding time of sitting side by side next to the water, catching up on life, waiting for the fish to bite. And don’t forget to bring along some sweet treats and salty snacks to keep everyone energized and enjoying the day. We love this selection of tantalizing tidbits, composed of nourishing nuts, delectable dried fruit and tasty trail mixes. Treating Dad to a tranquil day by the water is by far the best tactic to thank him for everything that he does. And after all, isn’t he the one who always says “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? Demonstrate how much you’ve always heeded his helpful words of wisdom and actively applied his advice to your everyday life.

Find the perfect dried fruit gift for Dad Mixed nuts are the perfect snack for fishing Take some trail mix for activities on Father's Day

Make Memories at a Museum

No matter what Dad’s interests or passions might be, the multitude of museums in cities everywhere make for a Father’s Day activity that is not only easily accessible, but also incredibly memorable and meaningful. Whether he’s an avid appreciator of art, strong supporter of sciences, totally taken with technology, or has an unquenchable hankering for history, most dads enjoy the stimulating stir of being surrounded by ancient artifacts and influential items. For a true exhibition enthusiast, try turning this into an annual tradition, venturing to visit a variety of as many museums as possible over the years, selecting certain ones that contain the things Dad cares about most. He’ll be excited to start a special new tradition that he gets to share exclusively with you.

Get Gourmet on the Grill

Dad, aka the self-proclaimed “grill master”, takes pride in pulling off a perfect party with his prestigious and unparalleled skills on the grill. This Father’s Day, surprise Dad with a special soirée, giving him the opportunity to show off his seasoned smarts for everything related to searing, sizzling, sautéing and stewing. You’re sure to turn up the heat when you unveil a few unexpected gifts that will inevitably elevate his ego even more. His excitement will be evident with each piece of equipment he opens. Don’t be taken aback when he immediately begins brainstorming for the next backyard banquet. With his swanky new state-of-the-art grill gadgets, Dad will undoubtedly be serving up spreads in style. We’re especially excited about this 7-Piece Grill Set, complete with every necessary tool to tackle any task, each with its own set spot in an awesome, all-purpose apron. And be sure to scope out our superior selection of succulent steaks, prime poultry picks and mouth-watering medley of meats. Whatever your preferences may be, we have the perfect pieces of meat to please every palate and each is guaranteed to fill any feast with fabulous flavor.

Dad will love this 7 piece grilling set Find something for everyone with an assorted meats gift Pick up some delicious ribs for an afternoon of grilling

Bond Over Beer

Give Dad the gratitude he deserves with a touching toast of the beverage he likes best. Carve out some quality time to completely commit to catching up with Dad, swapping stories and sharing sentiments. One of the best ways to adequately affirm your appreciation for his hand in helping to bring you into existence is bonding over a beer. There aren’t many other occasions that offer a similar opportunity to be as open with one another quite like the relaxed and at-ease atmosphere of a laidback, local lounge. Why not take advantage of the treasured time you have together and go tour one of the trendy and buzzworthy new breweries in town. Make it a mission to taste test every type of beer until you both believe you’ve found the one you like best. Better yet, now that Dad’s nailed down his number one choice, surprise him with a sneaky six pack of it sometime. Or make it even more memorable when you present him with a personalized growler, generously filled with his favorite new brew. Or opt for an item to help him stay hip, like a beer stein, custom created with his name on it. And for the beer buff who has it all, this grand assortment of personalized goods provides a perfect present, containing meaningful, monogrammed mementos.

Personalized Beer Growler Custom Beer Pint Glass Personalized Beer Accessories

Devote the Day to Doting on Dad

So, whatever your day for Dad ends up entailing, it’s essential to remember the magnificent man behind the reason for Father’s Day. Make sure to design a day dedicated to doing the things that are most near and dear to Dad. Shower him with love and give him something special that is sure to speak to his heart. If you’re still in need of inspiration or ideas, check out our selection of gifts and goodies, brimming with the best options for every type of dad. Show him how much you care by creating an agenda of activities that demonstrate your deep appreciation for all that he does. Take time to try new things together, make sure to be as mentally present as possible in every moment, create compelling customs to carry out for years to come, and pay tribute to the phenomenal person he is.

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