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Here in the Heartland we love food, so it’s no surprise that brunch—with its elements of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and desserts all rolled into one fabulous buffet—gets us excited. When we decided to highlight our favorite brunch ideas, we were overwhelmed with delicious choices helpfully submitted by our Figi’s coworkers. We’ve managed to narrow them down to our top 3, and you’ll note that 2 of the 3 are bakery gifts…sweet flavors rule at brunch!

Breakfast Pastry Assortment

With homestyle sweet breads of pumpkin, cinnamon apple, and orange cranberry; irresistible brown sugar pecan kringle, and giant chocolate chip, cinnamon chip and cranberry kringles…this gift is sure to please! 

Bakery Shop Box Trio

If you prefer more chocolaty brunch ideas, then look no further than our bakery boxes with a turtle brownie, old fashioned brownie, chocolate and chocolate grasshopper mini cakes, plus a giant maple walnut scone, baklava, pecan kringle, and tarts. Brunch-tastic!

French Connection Coffee

Okay, so you can’t get this at Figi’s, but we have an easy recipe for it, and we do have some good coffee to get you started.

French Connection Coffee
1 oz. cognac
1 oz. amaretto
8 oz. your favorite black coffee
Whipped cream
Shaved almonds.

Pour cognac and amaretto into a coffee mug or glass. Fill with hot coffee. Top with whipped cream and almonds if you are so inclined. Enjoy.

Happy Harvest, Everyone!

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