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Halloween Fun: A Tip or Two for Fright Night!

Looking for fun ideas for Halloween? We’ve got black cats, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns galore! We’ve also conjured up a few gifts and goodies to satisfy even the most exacting witch or warlock, and we’ve found a simple craft project that even the most unpracticed crafter can do… the resultant décor is enchanting.

Looking for treats for a Halloween party? Our Halloween Goodie Boxes (a fun variant of the traditional Halloween goody bag) bring a wicked good variety of Halloween candies and savory cheese and sausage. Place each of the three boxes around the room and guests can grab snacks from the mummy, jack-o-lantern, or Frankenstein’s head. If you have special trick-or-treaters coming, you could gift them the whole box!

Another favorite Halloween pick is our Halloween Crate. A gleeful addition to the décor, this grinning jack-o-lantern face crate is better than a Halloween gift basket! The delightful sweet treats like orange, brown, and white candied pretzels and gummi worms are sure to put you in a great Halloween mood! Plus, the wooden crate will be around for years to come, grinning throughout the Halloween season!

Get Crafty with Levitating Witches’ Luminaries!

You will need:

  • Inexpensive Witch Hats found anywhere they have Halloween accessories
  • Fishing Line
  • Long Needle
  • Battery Powered Tea Lights
  • Hooks for Hanging (command light clips work well)

Make your hats levitate!

Attach hooks or clips where you would like hats to hang.

String about 2-3 feet of fishing line onto the needle. Pierce the point of the Witch hat on the exterior bringing the fishing line through to the interior of the hat. Don’t pull all the fishing line through the hat, leave some outside of the hat.

Attach a tea light to the interior of each hat by tying the fishing line to the wick. Then tie a loop at the end of the fishing line on the exterior of the hat and hang the hat on the hook…

Abracadabra! You now have levitating luminaries!


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What’s New for the Harvest & Holiday Seasons?

Isn’t the changing of the seasons exciting? As the cool, crisp temperatures of autumn bring summer to a close, it’s also the beginning of something wonderful… Our fun, new fall gifts reflect that excitement!

One of our favorites is our Pumpkin Spice Nut Blend! Combining pumpkin seeds and nuts with added flavors of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and chocolate…it’s sure to satisfy those who have been looking forward to the return of pumpkin treats!

For an assortment of autumn sweets, look no further than our Fall Flavors Crate! It brings Fruit & Nut Bark in Dark Chocolate Pepita, and White Chocolate Pistachio with Cranberry; Pumpkin Spice Brittle, Pumpkin Pie Almonds, and more irresistible indulgences.

If we look a little further down the line, we can preview what’s in store for the holiday season! Our Holiday Favorites are both festive and delicious. Our exclusive tin delivers classics such as Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate Pretzels, Drenched Chocolate Graham Crackers, and more.

To truly get in the holiday spirit, check out our Christmas Sweets Tower. Stacked gift boxes full of sweet delights create a Christmas tree shape. This gift is festive enough to bring joy to anyone!

Happy Shopping!

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Spread NFL Excitement at Your Party!

To say that we’re big on sports here in the Heartland is a huge understatement. Folks practically live for their sports…baseball, basketball, and more than anything football. I don’t know about you, but we’ve begun to prepare for the season, digging out the big chip bowl and our favorite sweats…The only thing left to decide is what will you make or bring to the party?

Our sensational Wisconsin cheese spreads are the perfect snacks to accompany an exciting game featuring your favorite team! Our Creamy Country® spreads are available in 12 flavors including Cheddar, Green Onion & Bacon, Jalapeno, Roasted Garlic and more–there’s a flavor for everyone! Plus, we have some great and oh-so-easy cheese spread recipes for you.

Whether you decide to serve your spreads as is with crackers, or make one of the fantastic recipes below, one of the best complements for our spreads is our Smoked Snack Sticks. In Beef, Barbeque, Honey Ham, Hot ‘n Spicy, and Pepperoni, they’re the hearty, savory snack you’ve been looking for, and they’re made in the finest century-old smokehouse tradition.

Zesty Chicken Cheese Pasta

Heat cheese spread in microwave, stirring in 10-second intervals, until warmed through.
Pour over pasta, chicken, and onions and serve.

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Preheat oven to 375°. Place mushroom caps hollow side up on a buttered baking sheet. Fill each cap with 2 tsp. garlic spread and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake 10-12 minutes. Serve hot. Makes 24 appetizers.


Whatever you do, don’t forget the Beef Sticks! And enjoy the game–Go Pack! 😉

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Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide 2016: Wisconsin Dells Waterparks

What is Wisconsin Dells?

Located in southern Wisconsin, the town of Wisconsin Dells is characterized by stunning rock formations surrounding the Wisconsin River, carved by thousands of years of giant glacial floods. The natural beauty of the land has made “the Dells” a popular family vacation destination for over 150 years. In recent years, however, the area has become renowned for its world-class waterparks, earning it the title of “Waterpark Capital of the World”.

Wisconsin Dells

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Racine North Beach Park Guide 2016

Why Racine North Beach Park for vacation?

There’s a reason why North Beach Park in Racine, Wisconsin was rated as one of the top summer destinations in Midwest Living. This Lake Michigan oasis is an awesome family-friendly destination for summer 2016. Live music, volleyball courts, and the Kids Cove playground are sure to keep everyone in the family entertained. With its 1.2 miles of sun-dyed shores and Certified Blue Wave clean beach waters, there are plenty of places to picnic for the day and enjoy the summer sun at Racine.

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Edible Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

As the famous author Anne Geddes once said, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day season with some delicious edible Father’s Day gifts from Figi’s. We have a wide variety of Father’s Day meat gifts, gourmet nut gifts, and cheese gifts perfect for this special occasion. Check out some of our amazing Dad’s day gifts that your funny, caring, dad-joke telling Father will adore (almost as much as he adores you.) Order now and get your Father’s Day gifts delivered just in time for Dad’s special day.

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What to Get Dad for Father’s Day 2016

Father’s Day 2016 is coming up quick, so we know eyes are peeled for Father’s Day gift ideas. But what should you get the world’s greatest dad? I mean, he was the one who taught you how to ride a bike, scared away the monsters under your bed, and continues to support you through each chapter of your life – the man deserves something special! Skip the classic father’s day tie this year and show your dad some love and appreciation with a special gift from Figi’s. From personalized pens to grill accessories, Figi’s has you covered if you’re looking for the best Father’s Day gifts around – all of which can be delivered just in time. Here are some of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for Dad.

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What to Put in a Mother’s Day Gift Basket?

We all know that moms love homemade Mother’s Day gifts. And while you’re no longer five and feel as though you can give her a finger painting of the two of you, there are other options for homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas. Figi’s knows that Mother’s Day gift baskets are a must; while we do have an amazing selection of pre-made Mother’s Day gift baskets we know that some folks like the DIY route. Here are our top products we know your mom will love that you can put in (or pair with) your own DIY Mother’s Day gift basket.

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Top 5 Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day – an annual event both revered and dreaded by men across the country. This is a fantastic opportunity for guys to pull out all the stops and truly express your love and devotion for your wife, girlfriend, fiancée, and any other important women in your life. For many, this takes weeks of meticulous planning ahead to make sure every single detail is perfect. For others, the hectic “last-minute” approach proves to be their modus operandi for special occasions like this.

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Office Christmas Party Ideas – Snacks & Finger Foods

Holiday season is rapidly approaching and you’ve been given the daunting task of planning your annual work Christmas party this year. You’re trying not to panic but you have no idea where to start and you don’t want to let your co-workers down by throwing a dull, boring holiday soirée. Thankfully, Figi’s has put together some unique company Christmas party food ideas to help guide you in your search for delicious snacks and finger foods.

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