The Unique Christmas Gift Baskets Everyone’s Really Been Wanting

If There Were a Thirteenth day of Christmas, Give Them What They Really Want – a Christmas Gift Basket

Besides the fact that whomever it was that gave all these gifts to their true love had an unlimited budget (FIVE golden rings), probably owned a farm (the first eight days are all animals), and had their own personal set of performers, they definitely did not realize what their true love probably wanted all along – food. Not many have the stamina to make it through four whole days of watching ten lords a’leaping and listening to twelve drummers drumming. That’s enough to make anyone want to ditch a day and hangout on the couch watching Netflix with chocolate and some snacks.

Luckily, we thought of adding a thirteenth day of Christmas. This is a day your recipient can have to themselves with our selection of Christmas food gifts and unique gift baskets.

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…Thirteen Holiday Treat Carousels

Chocolate Carousel with chocolate, toffee, and peanut butter Holiday Favorites Carousel with Cashews, Mixed, Nuts, and Candies 12 Candies of Christmas

Day thirteen would consist of English butter toffee, peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookie dough bites – all found in our Chocolate Carousel. For something a little more unique, our 12 Candies of Christmas tin contains tasty Lemon Drops, rock candy, ribbon candy and more. Once they indulge in two or three of these delicious tins filled with their favorite candies and treats, they will for sure want to sleep the rest of the day away. How’s that for an exciting Christmas gift?

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…Thirteen Wisconsin Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets

The Holiday Feast Gift Box is a variety pack filled with delicious cheese, meats, and spreads. We've mixed sweet with savory in the Chocolate Greetings Gift Box The A+ Snack Selection has 10 treats, sure to delight anyone

As a best seller on our list nearly every year, the Holiday Feast Gift Box is one of many Wisconsin meat and cheese Christmas gift baskets they could never say no to. Cheddar cheese, pepper cheese, and Monterey jack are among the many types of Wisconsin cheeses you’ll find this year in our selection of unique Christmas gift baskets. For something a little sweeter to go along with the delicious meats and cheeses, check out our Chocolate Greetings Gift Box or the A+ Snack Selection which include a variety of chocolates and sweet treats.

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…Thirteen Nut and Snack Gifts

Cheesy Dip and Crunchy treats for dipping come in this delicious snack gift Santa's Trail Mix includes mixed nuts and chocolate covered treats Chocolate covered pretzels are a delightful treat and some are covered in sprinkles!

It is well known that anything in a tin will be gone fast. There’s something about a festively decorated container holding all the snacks that makes your gift recipient appreciate it more and think, “these have to be gone before the end of December”. Also, a tin filled with healthy nuts, like cashews and almonds, means they won’t feel terrible after spending all day snacking. But, if you are going to give something sweet, there’s nothing more satisfying than a tin full of milk chocolate covered pretzels.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift giving guide this year, Happy Holidays!

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Should I Give a Christmas Gift to My Coworkers?

Ask Yourself These Seven Questions When Considering Giving Your Coworkers or Boss a Gift During Christmas

Question 1: Does my company have a policy around gift giving?

This is the easiest place to start. Some larger corporations may have a policy against gift giving in general, or have some limitations on what you can give (homemade food items, for example). Check with HR and see if there is a policy you can reference, or some anecdotes they can share with you from their time there.

Question 2: Does my company do a “sponsored” gift giving activity?

This would be along the lines of a White Elephant party or Secret Santa and would be announced to the company as a whole. Since these are optional, it is best etiquette to engage in this office activity. It’s only fun when everybody participates and in general the cap for Secret Santa or White Elephant office gifts is around $10-$20. If your company has not declared a cap, suggest to whoever is organizing the event to institute a cap as it puts everybody participating more at ease.

Question 3: My office is doing a Secret Santa gift exchange, what should I get?

Keeping your budget under $20 is always a safe bet, unless your office communicates otherwise. Stick with general items that everybody can appreciate, like food gifts or gift cards, if you don’t know the recipient that well. Sometimes an office will let everybody write down a few interests of theirs on their name card, so that when they are chosen from the hat, you’ll have an idea of what to get that person. Suggest this to whoever is organizing the event if there are a lot of new faces in the office, or if you are in a large office with a lot of employees who wouldn’t otherwise know each other that well.

Question 4: My office is doing a White Elephant gift exchange, what should I get?

White Elephant exchanges can be a great time, but depending on your company culture, be wary with how witty and comical you are willing to get. Remember, a White Elephant gift does not have to be outrageous, just…well, tasteful.

Question 5: Should I give my boss a gift for Christmas?

In general, there is no expectation for an employee to give their boss a gift. While you might think it is a nice gesture, you don’t want your coworkers to know you were the only one who did so – it makes them feel bad and might seem like you are trying too hard. If you are a real holiday spirited gift giver, consider writing a well thought out card saying how much you appreciate your boss’s help throughout the year and wishing them and their family a happy holiday.

If you work on a small team, sometimes a coworker might suggest doing a group gift for your manager. If you have any concern over budget, make sure the group is clear with how much everybody is comfortable spending.

If the group opts for a combined gift, consider something that can be easily appreciated and in festive spirit, like a Christmas cookie gift basket, or a gift card to their favorite lunch spot.

Question 6: I am a manager, should I give my employees a gift?

There is no expectation for you to give your employees a Christmas gift, unless it is clearly part of your company culture. However, it is a nice way to show your appreciation for their hard work because in some fashion their work is a reflection of how well you are doing your job. If you have many employees working under you, doing something simple like a personalized handwritten card can really have a positive effect.

If your company has an inventory of affordable items like company swag, including coffee mugs or pens, these make great compliments to a personalized card. Or a small gift card to the local coffee shop usually bodes well with people.

Question 7: Ok. I’m going to get my coworker a Christmas gift, where should I start?

If you have never shopped with us before, Figi’s is a great place to start! We have lots of fun and festive food gifts, food gift baskets, and Christmas collectibles that are safe bets for an office gift.

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Shop Our Christmas Gift Guide for Difficult People

How to Christmas Shop for Difficult People

Oh, the holidays… there’s just something magical about them. Maybe it’s the family and friends, or maybe the never-ending Christmas songs. And when the time comes to find those perfect gifts, every person has that Mom, Dad, or special someone who is impossible to shop for – but fear not! Figi’s has a Christmas guide filled with gift ideas for your tricky Mom, Dad, or significant other. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Shop online at Figi’s and have gifts delivered right to your door!
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3 Ways to Cook & Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery

Why Should I Have My Thanksgiving Meal Delivered?

Let’s face it: hosting Thanksgiving may sound fun, but it’s a LOT of work. The Thanksgiving turkey is stressful, beginning with the battle royale in the grocery store for that last turkey, and sometimes (knock on wood) ending with it being tragically burned in the oven. Instead of a horror story, look into having a Thanksgiving dinner delivered right to your doorstep, with simple cooking instructions that will ensure a tasty turkey and succulent side dishes. Check out our meal ideas and pairings below for three full-sized and delicious Thanksgiving options that will leave you less stressed, and give you more time with your family.
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How to Give the Best Thanksgiving Host Gifts

Why Should I Bring the Host a Thanksgiving Gift?

If you’re asking this question to yourself right now, we’re betting that you’ve never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner party before. The Thanksgiving hostess is the personification of patience and preparation. There’s the endless planning, the ceaseless cooking, and, of course, trying to organize everyone’s travel. It’s a small wonder one of the most popular Thanksgiving hostess gifts is a bottle of wine. Chances are, though, that your host or hostess will have enough bottles by the end of the night to last them quite some time, so read on for some thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas that they’re sure not to forget.

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Save Your Teeth This Halloween & Snack on These Sugar Free Halloween Treats

Why Choose a Sugar Free Halloween?

The choice is easy and the benefits are plentiful. For those of us who need to be careful about our sugar intake, whether you’re counting calories or saving your teeth, Figi’s has all your favorites, sans the sugar! This year you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on any of the Halloween fun. Our sugar free and no sugar added sweet treats and gift baskets let you enjoy all the tasty delights that come with the holiday, without the sweet-tooth guilt.

Here are a few of our favorite sugar free items…
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DIY Halloween Gift Baskets for Kids 2016

Why A DIY Halloween Gift?

Every year parents spend more and more on Halloween, to the point where last year the average person planned on spending $77.00, according to a U.S. News report. Each year, thousands of parents spend tons of money on expensive, bland Halloween gift baskets that go untouched throughout the holiday. A DIY Halloween gift is a cheaper, more personalized way to celebrate the holiday, and your kids will be sure to enjoy a delicious Halloween gift basket that nobody else at school can get. While some parents make everything from scratch, you can save a lot of time by buying some creative Halloween snacks from Figi’s.
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3 Incredibly Easy Halloween Snack Ideas for a Party

#3: Halloween Trail Mix Recipe

Preparation time:

5 minutes
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Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide 2016: Wisconsin Dells Waterparks

What is Wisconsin Dells?

Located in southern Wisconsin, the town of Wisconsin Dells is characterized by stunning rock formations surrounding the Wisconsin River, carved by thousands of years of giant glacial floods. The natural beauty of the land has made “the Dells” a popular family vacation destination for over 150 years. In recent years, however, the area has become renowned for its world-class waterparks, earning it the title of “Waterpark Capital of the World”.

Wisconsin Dells

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Racine North Beach Park Guide 2016

Why Racine North Beach Park for vacation?

There’s a reason why North Beach Park in Racine, Wisconsin was rated as one of the top summer destinations in Midwest Living. This Lake Michigan oasis is an awesome family-friendly destination for summer 2016. Live music, volleyball courts, and the Kids Cove playground are sure to keep everyone in the family entertained. With its 1.2 miles of sun-dyed shores and Certified Blue Wave clean beach waters, there are plenty of places to picnic for the day and enjoy the summer sun at Racine.

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