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Say ‘thanks!’ to an Administrative Professional

April 23rd is Administrative Professionals Day – an official holiday to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the over 4 million secretaries and administrative assistants in the United States (Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2010).  There’s no better way to ‘thanks!’  to the professionals in your office or place of business than with a gift basket or other tasty gifts, from Figi’s!  Here are a few great gift basket ideas for recognizing your coworkers, friends, relatives or neighbors in honor of Administrative Professionals Day:

Bountiful Harvest Basket Gift Basket from Figi'sBountiful Harvest Gift Basket:  we have loaded this gift basket with a rich selection of our very best sweet and savory treats: decadent chocolate fudge; a Figi’s milk chocolate coin; dark chocolate Lindt balls; peanut caramel clusters; chocolate truffle cookies; hearty summer sausage; creamy Brie flavored and Edam cheese.  This is an elegant gift basket presentation that really makes a statement!

Personalized Sunshine BasketPersonalized Sunshine Basket:  show that special someone they’re a ‘ray of sunshine’ at the office with our Sunshine Basket!  It’s filled with comforts that will nourish the body and cheer the soul.  Personalize this gift’s gold satin ribbon with your special ‘thank you!’ message for a truly unique gift you can’t find anywhere else!  This gift basket includes crunchy sweet flower cookies; soothing Camomile tea; white clover honey; green mug; delicious crispy Seed Celebration crackers; aromatic tomato basil and cheesy potato soup mixes; creamy cheese spreads; honey cheddar snack mix and butterscotch candies!

 Royal Touch GiftTin from Figi'sRoyal Touch Gift Basket:  this rich and elegant gift tin is brimming with luxurious treats your administrative professional or secretary will love!  Give them the ‘royal treatment’ with chocolate drenched bridge mix; milk chocolate brownie bites; caramel pecan clusters; decadent raspberry chocolate bars; crisp milk chocolate covered pretzels; golden chocolate coins and a nougat nut log for a truly exquisite gift!

Chocolate Brunch Gift Basket from Figi'sChocolate Brunch Gift Basket:  here’s a fantastic brunch gift basket loaded with delicious chocolate delights!  This gift basket includes chocolate Madeleines; four chocolate muffins; caramel pecan pancake mix; chocolate French vanilla cocoa mix; Cocoa Amore chocolate supreme mix; Mocha Java coffee; chocolate butter button cookies; strawberry syrup, and two ceramic mugs.  This gift has just about everything your coworker needs to start the day right!

Sparkling Celebration Gift BasketSparkling Celebration Gift Basket:  our next gourmet gift basket has plenty to share!  Bottles of bubbly sparkling apple-cranberry and pomegranate beverages; sharp Cheddar cheese; Merlot Cheddar cheese spread; Los Olivos Wine & Cheese Biscuits; spicy crostini; onion taralli; and balsamic herb vinaigrette.  Our distinctive willow gift basket even includes napkins!

And that’s just a handful of the many terrific gift baskets we offer; if you’d like to see all of our great gift basket ideas, they can be found here.  If you’re looking for other ideas besides gift baskets, no problem – we have you covered!  We have candies, cookies, cakes, plants, mugs and more here.  But order soon – April 23rd is right around the corner!

If you need help ordering, please give us a call at 1.866.855.0203, 7 days a week, 7 AM CT – 10 PM CT.  We would love to help you with your gift giving needs.

We’ll see you next time – thanks for reading Gourmet Market!


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Irresistible Ideas for the Perfect Harvest Brunch!

At coffee break the other day, some of us at Figi’s were talking about our favorite foods; we then voted ‘brunch’ as our favorite meal.  Brunch is typically a weekend meal, which means of course, you can sleep in. A second benefit of brunch, depending on your outlook, is sitting down and gorging yourself on just about any food you love from breakfast and lunch…after all you’re technically eating two meals in one!

In the warmer months (sigh – I miss them already…), brunches tend to be on the ‘lighter side’: fruit, muffins, and juice are typical. However, in the fall, brunch often becomes heartier: eggs, smoked breakfast meats, potatoes and the like. So now that we’re in autumn and heading rapidly toward winter (sigh again…), here are a few of our ‘hearty’ brunch recommendations for you to try.

Danish Kringle from FigisDanish Kringle: One of our absolute favorite brunch treats (and we are true lovers of bakery, cakes, and pastries of all kinds!) Figi’s Pecan Praline Danish Kringle is rich and luxurious with pecans in a brown sugar filling, topped with icing and chopped nuts… yum! Figi’s Raspberry Danish Kringle has raspberry filling and is sweetly frosted, but isn’t topped with chopped nuts. Yeah, they’re both very tasty! But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what a customer shared recently regarding our Danish Kringle: I’ve ordered the Danish Kringle a couple of times, and I always forget how delicious it is until I take that first bite again. Like heaven. Sweet and moist, with the hint of cinnamon and brown sugar, nuts and delectable vanilla frosting. I’d recommend this to everyone.”  Our Red Velvet Kringle is a website exclusive; this tender, flaky pastry is captivating with a sumptuous red velvet chocolate and cream cheese filling. We top it off with cream cheese icing and more red velvet chocolate. Finally, we’re offering a delicious new Pumpkin Kringle which seems especially appropriate on a crisp fall day! As far as serving Kringle; it can be served at room temperature, chilled or some people like to heat Kringle in their oven or microwave.

Easy Homemade Eggs Benedict: One co-worker shared that she had her first taste of Eggs Benedict at a fancy hotel while on vacation and it was absolutely delicious, rich and decadent! Her Eggs Benedict made her feel such a sense of luxury that she now enjoys a “mini-vacation” any time just by ordering Eggs Benedict when she goes out for brunch or breakfast. Recently this same coworker discovered a recipe that, while not the gourmet Eggs Benedict she first fell in love with, is an easy-to-create version that is tasty and satisfying. We’d like to share this recipe with you:

Eggs Benedict Recipe
Makes 6 servings
6 slices Canadian bacon
1 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar
6 eggs
1 cup butter
5 egg yolks
1 ½ tablespoons heavy cream
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
1 ½ tablespoons lemon juice
6 English muffins, toasted

Fry Canadian bacon on each side. Meanwhile, simmer a few inches of water in a saucepan, then add vinegar. Carefully break eggs into the water. Cook 2 to 3 minutes; when whites are set and yolks are soft, remove with a slotted spoon.
Melt the butter in the microwave, covered; heating until it bubbles.
Whip up the egg yolks, cream, pepper, and salt in a blender. Add half of the hot butter in a steady stream, so it blends in as you pour it. Blend in the lemon juice the same way, then the remaining butter. Top one English muffin half with a slice of Canadian bacon and an egg. Add sauce and enjoy!

Smokehouse Brunch Meat from FigisBrunch Meats: Nothing stirs the sense like the aroma of sizzling bacon, sausage and ham! You can smell it already and oooh…it’s sooooo tasty!  If you enjoy smokehouse meats with your brunch as much as we do, we’d like to recommend our  Smokehouse Brunch Meats.  This bountiful, mouthwatering gift basket includes a whole pound of sizzling Sliced Bacon, Smoked Sausage Links, Applewood Smoked Sausages, and Canadian Bacon – both Maple flavored and Original! We’ve found this variety to be a wonderful way to round out breakfast or brunch for you and your guests.  In fact many delicious smokehouse brunch meats can be found at Figis.com’s brunch gifts. Check them out today; you won’t be disappointed in our selection of bacon, sausage, ham and more!

Bloody Mary: For many, a favorite favorite brunch beverage is a good Bloody Mary, with lots of veggies and even bread sticks.  Bloody Marys are often made with Vodka, but you can make a non-alcoholic version as well. Here’s a recipe from a coworker; we hope you enjoy it.

“My Favorite Bloody Mary” Mix:
3 cups V8 Original Vegetable Juice with a hint of black pepper
6 tablespoons lime juice
4 tablespoons sweet bread & butter pickle Juice
1 tablespoon cream style horseradish
1 tablespoon reduced sodium Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon salt

Sweet bread & butter pickles
Pickled cauliflower, carrots, onions or other veggies
Bread sticks

Combine first nine ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Transfer to a glass pitcher. Refrigerate until chilled. Time to enjoy! Fill each glass with ice. For a “Saucy” Bloody Mary, Add 1 ounce of Vodka to each glass; then fill the glass with the Bloody Mary mix. Stir well, and garnish each glass with veggies and bread sticks. For a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary, leave out the Vodka; simply pour the Bloody Mary mix over  ice, stir well, and garnish each glass with veggies and bread sticks.

Perfect Pancake Breakfast from Figi'sFigi’s has many great gifts for brunch. You can see all of them here: we have everything from pancakes and waffles, ham and bacon and brunch breads and jams! We even have gift baskets and assortment gifts perfect for breakfast or brunch! They’re especially ideal to send as holiday gifts for loved ones…or to simply enjoy yourself.

Do you have a favorite brunch gift or perhaps a brunch recipe to share? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us about it on Facebook or leave us a comment below.


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Figi’s History Part 2: Figi’s on Top of the World – Literally!

Would you believe that Figi’s cheese and sausage has been to the top of Mt. Everest, an elevation of 29,028 feet above sea level?  Interestingly enough, in 1982, during a two month climbing expedition, our cheese and sausage accompanied the first group of Americans to ever climb the Chinese side of Mt. Everest.

The story begins in 1981 when Rainier Mountaineering of Tacoma, Washington received official permission from the Chinese Mountaineering Association to attempt the ascent of Chomolungma, the Chinese name for Mt. Everest.  Months of practicing and planning followed.  Donations were solicited as the expedition, at that time, was expected to cost several hundred thousand dollars.  Included on the list of required equipment/supplies was food, of course, and because cheese and smoked meats are high energy foods that travel well, Rainier Mountaineering sent a donation request to Figi’s for their historical expedition.  Figi’s was thrilled to ship an extensive assortment of Wisconsin’s finest cheese and sausage to Washington for reshipment via boat to China in preparation for the August 1982 climb.

Unfortunately, the team of Americans was unable to reach the summit due to terrible weather conditions and the tragic death of Marty Hoey, who hoped to be the first American woman to climb the world’s highest peak.  Nonetheless, Figi’s received a thank you letter from Lou Whittaker, the expedition leader and now quite famous mountaineer.  Enclosed in the letter was the photo below; Figi’s Colby Cheese and Summer Sausage with the Everest Peak in the background!

Figi's Gifts on Mount Everest

If you missed Figi’s History Part 1, you can read it here. We’ll share Part 3 early next month. Thanks for reading Gourmetmarket.com!

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What is a Figi’s Signature Gift Anyway?

Signature Gift in Copy

Holiday Feast Gift BoxSeveral of our products are designated with “Figi’s Signature Gift” status; you’ve probably seen the Figi’s Signature Gift badge on  product images and references to Figi’s Signature Gift in product copy.  Have you ever wondered what this meant?

In a nutshell: here’s what it means for a product to be a Figi’s Signature Gift:What is a Figi's Signature Gift

How does a product to become a Figi’s Signature Gift?  Well, several people from various departments continually evaluate Figi’s products; among other factors, they monitor customer reviews of products, they monitor product quality, and they monitor product sales history.

Those products that meet certain benchmarks in this evaluation process time and time again are nominated by our merchant team to become Figi’s Signature Gifts.  Our merchant team ultimately decides which gifts attain “Signature” status. It’s a designation that’s not given out lightly; these gifts truly are customer favorites year after year.

English Butter ToffeeThere are many Figi’s Signature Gifts available, across several categories, including: Cheese and Meat gifts, Bakery gifts, Candy and Chocolate gifts, Nuts and Snacks gifts; there are even a few non-food gifts such as our Annual Limited Edition Red Wagon Ornament. We’ve even grouped all of our Figi’s Signature Gifts together for you; click here to see them all.

Do You have a favorite Signature Gift? Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook and Google+


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Find the Perfect Gift for The Man in Your Life

When it comes time to do some gift shopping for that special man in your life – be it your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, whoever – it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of your gifting options. You want to get him something unique, something he’ll love, and something that shows you really care about who he is and what he likes – but where do you start? When he claims that he has ‘everything he needs’ and isn’t very forthcoming about what he wants, choosing the right gift baskets for men can become a real challenge.

In the last 68 years we’ve learned a thing or two about finding the perfect gifts for men. That’s why we’ve put together these special gift baskets designed to please your man by giving him a taste of his favorite things!

Meat & Cheese Gifts for Him

Bits N Mustard

There’s something about smoke cured meat and premium aged cheese that makes both treats irresistible when enjoyed together. Men can’t get enough of the zesty, smokehouse flavor of quality meats and sausages, and the smooth, rich taste of Signature Wisconsin cheeses provides the perfect balance of salty & sweet snacking flavor. Give your man a gift that’s packed with the finer things in life by choosing a meat and cheese gift basket.

Man Snacks

Call of the Wild Snack Mix

Snacks exist for that in-between-meals craving that every man experiences throughout the day. He wants something that will curb his hunger and satisfy his tastes without bringing on the dreaded afternoon food coma that typically accompanies heavier fare. We recommend a gourmet snack mix that is loaded with his favorite goodies, like our Call of the Wild Snack Mix with toasted sesame sticks, peanuts, almonds, cashews and dried cranberries for superior crunch on the go. Give him a gift he can enjoy every day and you’ll be on his mind each time he reaches for that decorative tin of treats!

Chocolate Gifts for Men

English Butter Toffee

Whoever said that chocolate is exclusively a woman’s gift has clearly never seen a couple of guys take down a tin of chocolate potato chips! We believe that chocolate is for everyone; in fact, English Butter Toffee and Creamy Country Fudge have been long time staples of men’s gifts during the holidays for as long as we’ve been in the business of delivering gifts in good taste! Send him a collection of gourmet chocolates this holiday season and make his chocolate lovers dreams a reality.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Personalized Wisconsin’s Dairy Finest Gift Basket

Whatever you decide to send him for Christmas, it will be made even more meaningful by taking a moment to personalize your gift. Choose his favorite colors and include a short message to show him you care. Personalizing your gift provides just the right boost to take your present from excellent to extraordinary. 


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