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Halloween Party Hosting Tips

Halloween is a great opportunity to throw a party! We’ve compiled some handy tips and ideas to help you throw a spook-tacular Halloween party your guests will long remember!


Consider making or buying some Halloween-themed party invitations;  I suggest you have guests RSVP for your party and consider asking guests to bring a dish or beverage to pass. This can help you plan accordingly and help lighten your workload.

Set the Scene

One of the key elements to a Halloween party is the ‘mood’.  And mood can be set a number of ways: decorations, lighting, music and sound, food and more. Let’s start with decorations. Figi’s and other retailers have all kinds of fun and scary Halloween items you can use just about anywhere in and around your home.  Popular ideas include setting up your yard to look like a graveyard complete with tombstones and zombie or skeleton hands coming up from the graves. Many people also use pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bales and other autumn props. Stringing up ghosts, spiders, witches, and bats is another Halloween decorating staple.  You can also buy and apply fake cobwebs indoors and outdoors; add small plastic spiders into the webbing for some ‘extra-yuck!’

Find the Perfect Props

Sonic Heads Off SkeletonThere are many varieties of illuminated, animated and inflatable items available, if your budget allows for them. Include animated props and decorations in the open and hidden away to create a fun experience for party guests and trick or treaters alike. Decorations that light up, move and make spooky sounds, especially when people don’t expect it, can really give your party some ‘wow!’ Figi’s Gallery has some Halloween décor items on sale right now; click here (while supplies last). To see the Sonic Heads Off Skeleton (pictured left) and more fun Halloween decor, click here.

Strike a Spooky Tune

Set the mood with a spooky sound effect soundtrack or Halloween-themed music. Pandora is a great site for creating a playlist that you won’t have to fuss over.  Use black lights, dim lighting and candle light to set the mood. Flameless candles are safer, especially if there are children around.  Christmas style Halloween lights are also available in orange and purple – they’re safe and can be  a cool mood setter as well.  One idea I like is to take empty glass liquor bottles and re-label them with Halloween themed labels.

Prepare your “Horrors D’Ouevres”

Halloween Greetings Petits FoursAnother important aspect of your party is planning what to serve. There are many “cleaver” ideas for spooky foods, icky appetizers and wicked beverages – the easiest way to start is to pick something you’ll like and want to share! Here’s a link to some terror-ific food and beverage ideas from Food Network and of course, we have some great food gifts for the occasion here.

The Devil in the Details

The first thing they teach you at haunted party planning school is that themed plates, table cloths, candles, serving trays, cups, & napkins go a long way to help bring your spooky theme full circle. Pay attention to these little details to completely transform your home into an exciting Halloween event. Find these essential party supplies at larger retailers and party supply stores, or stop by your local haunted mansion and ask the maitre d’!

Let the Games Begin!

Halloween Fun BagsYou can also incorporate party games and a costume contest; some great ideas for this can be found here. Again, many retailers and party supply stores have ribbons for costume party contests. You can give each guest Halloween goody bags, like these from Figi’; these are fun ways to say ‘thanks for coming!’  Figi’s also has great Halloween food baskets you can give away as prizes or to set out as finger-foods for you party.

Tips & Tricks from the Pros

There’s almost no end to what you can do for your party, but keep a few very important things in mind: your budget, setup and cleanup, storage and guest safety.

Budget: If you over-spend on your party, you won’t enjoy your party very much. Set a budget and stick to it.  Many of the party items you have will be reusable, thankfully!

Setup & Cleanup: Do yourself a favor: if you’re throwing a large event, enlist some help with the setup AND cleanup; the bigger your party, the bigger the setup and cleanup.

Safety: If you keep things dark and spooky, keep open flames away from children or use flameless candles. Tape down extension cords in walkways to minimize tripping and illuminate entry and exit points.

Storage: And finally, the more stuff you have at the party, the more stuff you need to store for next year’s party; do you have the space?

Finally, we have some other great Halloween party Tips and Tricks ideas for you on our Pinterest site, so be sure to check that out!  Do you have some Halloween party ideas? Share them with us on Facebook or in the Comments Field below.

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