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  1. It makes you feel good. It's not your imagination; chocolate stimulates endorphin production, which gives a feeling of pleasure.
  2. There are definite health benefits, especially to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and can help lower your blood pressure and more. See our feeling good section below.
  3. Chocolate makes any gathering a hit. It's a natural at parties and dinners (chocolate gifts are always well received!), and simply adding chocolate sauce to a fruit cup can turn an ordinary dessert into something extraordinary!
  4. It's so versatile. There are so many ways to get your chocolate fix! Chocolate bars, cookies, cake, ice cream, sauce, pudding, mousse, untold numbers of different chocolates, truffles, and candies - and more!
  5. Chocolate just tastes so incredibly good!

Indulge your Chocolate Cravings and Feel Good about it!

Everyone has heard the news: eat chocolate; be well! Chocolate really does have some great health benefits. Dark chocolate contains nearly 8 times as many antioxidants as strawberries. It can help lower blood pressure, and it has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol by up to ten percent. Milk chocolate is a stimulant to the brain and the emotions, and it increases stamina; and feeling good is half of wellbeing! Naturally, chocolate includes calories and fat, so you may want to enjoy it in moderation, but don't miss out on this wonderful mood enhancer and absolutely delightful treat!

What Goes Well with Chocolate...

Cheese & Chocolate Gift Guide
Cheese and chocolate both rank in the top 5 foods that folks crave; bring these sweet and savory favorites together and you have a sensational treat that's doubly satisfying. If you're wondering how to pull them together to please your friends, try these delicious choices:

Aged Wisconsin Cheddar &
Chocolate Caramel Apples

Apples and cheddar have always gone together - remember when your grandparents sliced cheddar to go with their apple pie? Add chocolate to the mix, and you reach a whole new level of yumminess! Check it out with our Fancy Fruit Packs and Classic Aged Cheddar.
Wisconsin Gouda &
Dark Chocolate English Toffee

Our buttery-rich Gouda Cheese combines beautifully with the bitter chocolate and sweet and nutty crunch of our Dark Chocolate English Butter Toffee. Serve these two delights together at your next party... you'll be glad you did
Chocolate Bacon Bark &
Aged Wisconsin Cheddar

Sweet, salty, and savory, Gourmet Chocolate Bark is all the rage. Serve this unusual treat with our Classic Aged Cheddar, and you will enjoy one of the most tasteful party foods around, and you will raise your reputation to "foodie", as well!