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Top 10 Chocolate Covered Gifts!

How do you tell someone how much you love them? Give them a chocolate covered gift. Chocolate is the language of love... it makes you feel good, it's fun to share, and Figi's Chocolate Covered Gifts are so good, they're endorsed by chocoholics across America!

Discover the 10 Yummiest Chocolate Covered Gifts!

1. Chocolate Covered Cherries
The Classic! These confections are wonderful, with smooth chocolate and luscious cherries inside.
6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Fresh, plump, ripe strawberries are dipped in dark or milk chocolate and white creme. Evocative of a sweet summer day!
2. Figi's Signature Chocolate Potato Chips
We take can't-leave-them-alone potato chips and dip them in creamy milk chocolate... Don't miss out on this doubly delicious confection!
7. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
The perfect chocolate covered gift for lovers of salty and sweet treats! Crispy pretzels boast rich coatings of milk chocolate and white creme. Yum!
3. Sea Salt Caramel
Your new secret weapon against those chocolate cravings! The buttery caramel and rich chocolate are even more irresistible with a sprinkling of sea salt. Check it out!

8. Double Chocolate Petits Fours
Chocolate cake, chocolate filling, chocolate coating, chocolate shavings... need we say more?

Our S'more Petits Fours with marshmallow filling are incredible, too!

4. Dobosh Tortes
Chocolate covered elegance! These tortes have lots of layers and generous fillings of chocolate buttercreme or mint; they make wonderful desserts for special gatherings.

9. Chocolate Nut Teasers
Snackers are nuts about these crisp, crunchy morsels... almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts completely covered in rich chocolate coatings.

5. Figi's Signature Caramel Pecan Clusters
Award winning! Everybody loves these chocolate covered treats, so you can't go wrong for gifts or guests.

10. Chocolate Macadamia Treats
A treat from the tropics! Macadamias are tender-crisp and drenched in dark chocolate, white creme, or milk chocolate.

OOPS... This is number 11, but we almost forgot our: English Butter Toffee
The butteriest! Our crunchy toffee enveloped in creamy chocolate coating is a mouthwatering experience.

Try Some Chocolate Covered Trivia

People choose to turn some odd items into chocolate covered treats: mashed potatoes, raw onions, seaweed, squid, ants, and crickets. (At Figi's we prefer nuts and caramel.)

Chocolate was first discovered by the Aztecs and the Mayans. The Aztecs used it for currency, gifts, and they made a drink for the gods from ground cocao bean paste, corn, and spices.

Long ago the harvest ritual included the harvesters dancing on the cocoa beans drying in the sun. In some regions of Central and South America farmers continue this tradition to this day.

Think you're the biggest chocolate lover? Swedish candy maker, Roland Ohisson, was buried in a coffin made completely of chocolate. (That's truly death by chocolate!)

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