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Send the Joy of Easter with an Easter Gift Basket Delivery from Figi’s

Our Easter gifts are hand crafted for everyone in the family – from gourmet meats, cheeses & snacks for mom & dad to delicious candies & sweets for the kids!

Whether you're travelling out of state to visit family this Easter or just looking for a better gift basket to send to the little ones, Figi's Easter gifts are perfect for holiday home delivery. We cover all the basics, from classic Easter baskets for kids – filled to the brim with sweets, candies & Easter treats – to special Easter bakery gifts for Easter brunch, dinner & dessert.


Whatever you choose to send, rest assured that your gift will arrive on time for Easter morning celebrations. Just be sure to place your order before the delivery cut-off deadlines


  1. Favorite Classic Candies for Easter
Our Easter Pail brings all the classic candies together that always made good times great! Send this collection of Chocolate Bunnies, Dubble Bubble Gum,® Tootsie Rolls,® Twizzlers,® Skittles,® and more in your Easter basket delivery!
  2. Personalized Bunny Tins
Personalize your Easter gift with these sunny Bunny Tins, overflowing with Easter candy and fun toys! Inside, a Plush Bunny welcomes kids to their treats and toys: a self-inking Stamper, Pez® Candy and Dispenser, Jelly Beans, Marshmallow Eggs, and assorted Chocolates. For ages 3 and up.
  3. Spring Cookie Variety
Bring a bright, beautiful touch to Easter Sunday with homestyle cookies, dressed up for spring! Unique shapes with special icings, patterns, and sparkling sprinkles are wrapped in a special decorative tin that ships easily anywhere in the country!
  4. Happy Easter Petits Fours
These cute & creamy chick petits fours for Easter join in the fun of wishing loved ones a happy holiday! Moist cake sandwiches feature delicious apricot filling, lemon and chocolate buttercreme, all completely covered in creamy candy coatings and hand decorated. Have a box delivered in time for Easter!
  5. Springtime Holiday Feast Gift Box
This impressive gathering includes mini Wisconsin Cheeses, Country Gold Cheese Spreads, and Smoked Summer Sausages – the perfect combination of flavorful treats for the whole family to enjoy! A true feast for friends, family, and coworkers this spring.

Easter Gift Delivery for Holiday Brunch & Dinner

Families all over the country have their own unique traditions for Easter Sunday. The White House hosts its famous Easter Egg Roll for tens of thousands of guests, churches hold special services throughout the weekend, and families everywhere sit down around the table for a special, shared meal together. After it's all said and done, after the eggs have been painted, the treats hunted & gift baskets opened, one thing is for certain - it's time to eat and give thanks!

From classic main courses like our Easter prime rib roast & coconut shrimp to your favorite side dishes, desserts and more, you can find everything you need for your family's Easter brunch or dinner from Figi's! Just order from our bakery and we'll deliver your Easter food gifts in time for the holiday!