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Secrets of the World's Best Fruitcake

Making fruitcake lovers out of everyone... one bite at a time!

Fruitcake lovers know the best fruitcake is a Figi's Fruitcake!

  • Our gourmet fruitcake is slow baked in a secret process with quality spirits and ingredients. Forget the orange peel! The best fruitcake is overflowing with moist, delicious fruit; some fruitcakes are brandied and enhanced with rum and premium nuts.
  • You can have your holiday fruitcake in a cookie, with chocolate, Australian style, apple cake, and even a variety of fruitcakes in one cake! But most of all don't miss Figi's Fruitcake Classic and Grandma's brandied fruitcake with rum.
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"Fabulous Fruitcake!" Jerry F. - Los Angeles, CA

"Grandma's fruitcake is just like the ones my grandmother made 50 years ago with plenty of great fruit and plenty of brandy. For anyone who loves old fashioned fruitcake I highly recommend this cake."

5 Star Rating

What Do People Do with Fruitcake?

  • Some people take it with them! Egyptians took fruitcake in the tomb with them because they knew it would make the journeyto the afterlife, and still be delicious to eat!
  • Crusaders took it with them on their journeys because they knew that these delicious cakes would keep.
  • The English serve Fruitcake as wedding cake at weddings, and it is tradition for unmarried girls to place a slice beneath their pillow so they may dream of their husband to be. Fruitcake English Wedding Cake
  • Folks in Manitou Springs, CO celebrate the Great Fruitcake Toss each year. This is a contest to see how far you can throw it. They have other events as well, such as making fruitcakes into racecars!
  • Of course, people eat the best fruitcakes! At Figi's, we send out 307,920 pounds of gourmet fruitcake each year, and we know from customer feedback that they are eaten and enjoyed with family and friends.

How do you revive stale fruitcake?

  • Some folks maintain that a well stored fruitcake can keep up to 25 years!
  • However, at Figi's, fruitcake disappears about as fast as it's made, so we don't know about that.
  • We do know that if it's left uncovered, it will get stale and hard... but you can revive it - and it's easy!
  • Wrap stale fruitcake in aluminum foil and heat slowly in a 200° oven. That's it! The starch in the cake that has absorbed the moisture and crystallized melts, and the cake will be moist and delicious once again.