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To ship to a United States Military Address:

  1. Enter the APO or FPO code into the City field.
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    AA (Armed Forces of the Americas)
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    AP (Armed Forces Pacific)
    (Zip codes beginning with 962 through 966)

  3. In the ZIP Code field, enter the appropriate ZIP code.


    • FPO AA 34091
    • APO AA 34030
    • FPO AE 09508
    • APO AE 09815
    • FPO AP 96522
    • APO AP 96207

  • Apricot & Ginger Abergele Abergele is made in small batches resulting in moist and creamy texture. Apricot and ginger add sweet and zesty flavor to this Wisconsin artisan cheese. ndividual Cheeses –12 oz
  • Nut Brown Ale Cheese A truly unique Wisconsin original! Created from cheese curds, pressed, cave aged, and soaked in a wonderful nut brown ale which lends a nutty, malty flavor to the cheese. Net wt. 12 oz
  • Abergele Mushroom Chive Creamy Abergele is made the old-fashioned way, in small batches resulting in moist and creamy cheese. Earthy portabella mushrooms and chives add wonderful flavor to this Wisconsin delight. Net wt. 12 oz
  • Merlot Cheddar The velvety, dusky, almost plum-like flavor of merlot mixed into a fine cheddar is an intoxicating taste experience. A sophisticated cheese every palate can appreciate. Net wt. 12 oz.
  • Rosemary Gouda Created in Wisconsin's Dairyland, this championship award winning buttery-rich gouda features smooth texture and mild flavor. It's perfectly enhanced with the refreshing taste of rosemary. Net wt. 12 oz.
  • Garden Vegetable Jack A fresh-flavored treat! Lightly aged Jack Cheese has a mild taste, the perfect base for garden vegetable bits, including red and green pepper, onion, carrots, celery, parsley, and a hint of garlic. Net wt. 12 oz.
  • Maple Harvest Cheddar Rich cheddar flavor with a hint of maple is salty, sweet, and simply sensational! One bite and suddenly your tastebuds come alive to a sweetly familiar taste that evokes a cozy maple breakfast.
  • Net wt. 12 oz.

Flavor Apricot/Ginger
Brand Name Figi's

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